Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tweetie birds

Fie and Viola brought me an awesome flea market find for my office, when they came by for coffee yesterday.
Embroidered birdies, perfect for the theme i've got going in that room.

All this and cake too!

I've spent most of my day sorting through crap in the storage rooms, and hanging paintings and stuff.
I love working in this shop and even though i know some Tokyo Time will do me good, my heart hurts a little when i think about leaving for so long.
I'm sure i'll get over it as soon as my feet are on Japanese ground, though.



    You win , Yellow pants !!!! The fish's name is indeed "Hector the fish" !!! Hurra !!!! You win a trip for two to Japan !!! Hurra !!!

    P.s. If you don't mind , do you think you could ask the pilot to avoid Chinese airspace all together while on your way !? If China sees you flying over and not stopping ... She'll be devastated and unconsolable !!!! You remember what happened in the Simpsons with the dragon and the song !! Thanks guys , I appreciate it !

  2. Score, yay me!!
    I feel all special, i normally never win anything!

    I'll tell the pilot to sneak by China, we do not wanna make the dragons cry!