Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Queen of camo

My plan for tomorrow, besides the usual?
Go down to the basement and find some new, old work pants, cause this is getting ridiculous.

This is me yesterday, wearing a yellow sweater that Corey left behind
We miss you too!


  1. I was curious if you loved living in Copenhagen? I have often thought of moving there. Have you always lived there?

    Just curious.



  2. Du ser fin ud i gul. Og Corey virkede super cool, så kan godt forstå du saaaavner hende!

  3. Jeanie, that's a tough question!
    Sometimes i like it here, in the summer mostly.
    And lately, with being in the hospital, i've really appreciated free health care a lot!
    I guess what i dislike most about Denmark is the people who live here, there's a cynicism and tendency to complain and not take action that i really hate.
    That being said, my foreign friends who has moved here, all love it, so i think my dislikes comes with being born and raised in Copenhagen.

    (Tak Helle!)

  4. Taste is like the ass, two sides. its a swedish expression, but i love when my wife has buliders clothes and is dirty doing handowork, so you look good in builder!

    Erik sweden

  5. Aw, thanks Erik, i hope Allan thinks so too!

  6. awwwwwwwww! i always got compliments when i wore that sweater so enjoy!

    i love the city! cant wait to live there... and from my experience in the last 4 weeks, the people are better than those i experienced in stockholm, antwerpen and amsterdam. just on the whole. there are definite exceptions to the rule and great people everywhere. but all together? denmark rules!

  7. Thanks! That is some good insight! I love reading your blog! Maybe someday I will make it over there :)