Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretty, vicious

Yesterday on my way to work i stopped by the lake (the other lake, new work, remember?) to take a picture of all the swans and ducks hanging around on the still frozen water.
This one guy misread me and assumed i was stopping to feed him.

Copenhagen swans, man, they have such attitude
"Where's my bread at, puny human?"

Sorry dude, i'll bring some next time for sure.


  1. Bully !!

    And you guys still have ice ??? Can you ship me some please !!! I'm melting over hear !!!

    Miss you again !

  2. Du kender der gamle ordsprog, 'like people, like swans'. Eller det der.

  3. aww!

    the model boating lake where my [yes mine, not the queens!] swans live has been knocked down by our local government to make way for a supermarket and the swans have disappeared... I have no idea where they have re-located to :( I miss them!

    booo supermarkets, yey to greedy swans- please feed one for me.. haha!