Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh crap

Sooo... did you check the other blog yet?
I just posted some epic pictures you don't wanna miss.
Allan is transferring more pictures as i write this, but i'll have to post those some other time.

I've had a shitty day, to say the least, full of annoying objects, people, situations... you name it.
I also came home to a fridge that was almost empty, which made dinner less than a culinary experience, and found someone new biting my work online.
Always a bummer.
The world just ain't on Team Me today.

What to do when you're having a bad day? Think about better ones...
Sunday, feeling sick, but happy and in good company

On my way to work i did have a nice moment.
The ice on the lakes finally melted, but there was still some slushy, crystal like ice left near the bridge.
It was sunny, but windy, and when the wind moved the ice, it sounded like thousands of little crystal chandeliers chiming at the same time.
Pretty wonderful.

It looked alright too, i guess
Up close it wasn't so magical anymore, but that's Copenhagen for ya....


  1. like a giant lake slush! Grape for me please!

  2. Who would throw a Falco CD away?! Ah! Rock Me Ama-LAME-us.

    Cute trousers :)

  3. Biters suck. There can only be one Flora Amalie!
    For reals you guys, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don't believe it. Much more cool to do your own thing.
    (Og jeg er på team dig hver dag mouse!)

  4. At least you got another pretty tattoo I guess...?! What bummer online? The guy you were talking about at twitter? :) paaaatience is the key word!....at least for now :)

  5. Euh ... I would , miss C. Whisperer !

    But hey ... Here I am ... A little embarrassed ... I seem to have ended up at the wrong place ! Sorry !! You see I,m looking for a Zorgon-magic wielding Elf Wizard ! You wouldn't happen to have seen one go through here , right ?? Anyways ... Please let me know if you ever here anything about that ! Thanks !!

    Miss you again !