Sunday, March 28, 2010

More house guests

Saturday my cousin and his wife were having a party (for grown ups) and so their offspring came to visit us for a sleepover.
It's kind of a big deal for a four and a six year old to spend the night at a new place with relatives they rarely see, but these two were super cool about it.
Now, i'm not really a kid person (and god knows my husband isn't either) but we love these two and we had a great 24 hours in their company.

There's a good playground close by, and after playing there we went for coffee and hot chocolate across the street
Back at home Allan was working and William drew some whales
We invited my parents over to join us for homemade pizzas
Lots of movies were watched and lots of games were played (pizza and movies? basically a regular Saturday night at our place!)
Kids wake up WAY too early, so Allan and Lucifer took a morning nap
Sunday hangout in PJ's and sleeping bags=awesome

One thing that surprised me was how easily we got them to bed.
They're usually pretty good at making a big fuss about that.
I guess we did trick them a little, but whatever works, right?
And who knew that kids still wanted bedtime stories?
I was unprepared for that, so all i had was the collected fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen, but lucky for me, he worked just fine.

With no tears, no injuries and no "i want my mommy" at any point, i'm inclined to call this sleepover a success!

Ps. After Rasmus picked up the kids, we went to the shop.
Lots had happened since last time, see for yourself.


  1. awww i wanted to play in that park!

    well done, babysitter champion!x

  2. Seem you had a really good time there! My nephews are little devils! Always messing up!

  3. Når I kommer hjem fra Japan, vil Calvin gerne komme og overnatte! Hans mor siger, at I har fod på det med små kid.

  4. If i was a kid i think i would have loved being sittede by you guys, looks like you rocked it!

  5. Good job Yellow Pants !! Glad you guys followed my advice ! 3 shots of Bourbon will put any kid to sleep in a flash !! Uncle Nick's free tips !

  6. That looks like an awesome adventure for children of that age, what a good sleepover! Wish I'd had cool relatives to stay with at that age.

  7. What makes you think you two are not good with children? Hans Christian Andersen is a wonderful selection for bedtime and we've tried lots of other books. Everything else you did sounds spot-on for fun times with kids! Sounds a lot like our house/life, only bedtime around here isn't so smooth . . . yikes, maybe I'm not good with children!!