Saturday, March 27, 2010

The good problem

As i may have mentioned before, recently even, i have a tattoo appointment in Japan that i'm very nervous and excited about.
It's a real appointment, with a date and time and money involved, not like the privileged slacker appointments i usually have.
And it's with an artist who usually has a waiting list as long as my husbands, and is very selective with his foreign clients, so i am pretty friggin lucky to have gotten an appointment at all.
Sometimes knowing the right people ain't so bad.

Anyway, i have a problem, and my problem is that i still haven't decided what to get.
Now this is definitely one of those luxury problems, but it's one that bugs me nonetheless.
All of a sudden the appointment is only a few weeks away (like i said earlier, Japan crept up on me this time) and i'm still juggling around three or four ideas, and any one of them could get replaced by a new idea at any moment.

The thing is, i'm probably only gonna get tattooed by Shige this one time, so i feel like it has to be the perfect idea.*
If i choose one idea it means rejecting a billion other ideas, and that worries me.
I usually just go with what feels right or fun, but that doesn't seem to be working for me this time.
Also, i have a feeling that i might be over thinking this one just a tad.

Anyway, i still have a few weeks to search my books, my brains and the internet for the perfect idea, but at least i can take comfort in the fact that everything Shige does is pretty much amazing, so there's no way i can lose.

See for yourself.

(All pictures are from and copyrighted by OUEN Inc.)

*No, i'm not getting my back done.
In that case i'd be scared shitless, not nervous and excited.


  1. you're so lucky to have an appointment with shige!!! how long is the waiting list for foreign people? i received his book the last week...amazing!!!

  2. You should get a portrait of corey and me high five-ing riding horses. All girls love horses...just saying. Xoxoxo miss your face lots!

  3. Kim, i'm not sure, but i've heard two years?
    And you have to bring along a japanese interpretor for your consultation, which is difficult for some foreign clients.

    Sarah, that's just silly, it's a japanese tattoo...
    So obviously you and Corey should be wearing kimonos and riding a Kirin!!

  4. wow, det er jo vanvittigt flot arbejde...

  5. Det er et rigtigt godt spørgsmål... Jeg ville synes at det ville være topsejt at få noget der refererer til Onklens ryg... Det er jo samme japaner, righty? Men held og lykke med det :)

  6. Wauw!

    Og hvad med sådan en vinkekat (som alle jo ved, er dens originale navn)? Det ville da lige være dig!

  7. omg their work is FANTASTIC !! Like you said, I'm sure whatever you pick will end up amazing. I can't wait to hear how it turns out - good luck!

  8. Maybe you should let him do whatever he wants... That's always tattooists very best work, I think :)

  9. Sune, tak, jeg håber det ender med at gå godt!
    Samme Japaner, jo, men to meget forskellige kunder, så jeg tror nu jeg vil vælge mit eget motiv og ikke noget der matcher mandens (selvom hans jo er nok så fint).

    Helle, diverse katte har været oppe at vende!

    Stina, i agree to a certain point.
    Most tattooers i know appreciate creative freedom, but also like to have something to work from, like a very general idea of what the client wants and likes.
    So i'm gonna try to think of something that both me and Shige will be happy with!

  10. Hi Amalie,

    i'm in Yokohama right now for two weeks and i kinda surprised that the hotel where im staying is just 10 minutes walk from Shige's studio. So today i went there to buy his book.

    i gotta say that the vibe of the studio is amazing. It's full of stuffs and awards that he received. Bet you feel the same too.

    Back to ideas for your tattoo, i personally think Shige's hannya mask is really good. Would be bad ass if you get that. lol

  11. Fair nok, bare en tanke. Det er jo også din tusch. Håber du finder det rigtige... Men selvfølgelig gør du det.

  12. Wow that is some insane tatts!!