Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gone green

I haven't been that good at remembering to take pictures lately.
Normally i'll document the crap out of any given day, but lately i just suck at it.
I haven't made any wardrobe posts either, even though i have enjoyed being able to dress up (as opposed to wearing this every day) again.
I'll chalk it up to being busy and preoccupied, you know, the usual suspects.

But yesterday i did remember.

As i was leaving the house i ran into an upstairs neighbor who said i looked very spring-y!
(Jacket: TopShop, Dress: Lowrys Farm, Top: Uniqlo, Shoes: Office London, Tights: Urban Outfitters, Necklace by my mom)

I love colored tights
As i was walking Lucifer i discovered something wonderful: the lakes are practically jogger-free Tuesday at 2 pm!


  1. Også jogger-frit onsdag kl 16.30!

  2. Meget spring-y! og flot fyr der omme bagved :)

  3. i wish I could get away with coloured tights but they really don't suit my yellow-hue skin tone.

    Alas the bottom picture looks so serene. I bet it was freezing though, the UK had another batch of snow today which luckily didn't stick. In need of sunshine and warmth.


  4. Huurraaaa for coloured legs!

    "Springtime for H...."

  5. Haha, enig Martin, han burde være med på alle garderobe billeder!

    owl eyes, i find that hard to believe, everyone looks good with crazy-legs!
    Actually, it wasn't as cold as it looks.
    Cold, yes, but compared to the winter we've had it's practically hot these days.
    Snow at this point would kill me!

    Baby... bedst!