Friday, March 12, 2010


It's been well over a month since my surgery.
I look better, and feel better too, but i'm not ok.
Not yet.
I feel bad when people ask me how i'm doing, because i know they expect me to say "great!", but i'm not.
Not yet.
But i will be, and that's close enough.

A clear sign i'm doing better is this: wanting to wear my normal clothes and not hide inside hoodie dresses and painter pants.
When i was feeling really, really bad, dressing up like i usually do was something i would dream about, but couldn't bring myself to do.
But now i can and i'm pretty grateful for that.

So today i decided not to paint, or do any other messy shop work, and dress up in some colorful tights.
Too bad the weather is still fucking horrible, and our shop is still freezing.
This look would have worked a hell of a lot better without the cold, red nose and constant goose bumps!

All of my clothes are from Japan*, with the possible exception of my American Apparel underpants
In the evening i had to change shoes to heat up the brown ones for the ride home, and warm my poor feet on the heater in the drawing room (yes, the shop really is that cold)
This may look like just a picture of my favorite Acne cardigan (thanks, Christel!), but it's actually a picture of Lucifer trying to stay warm under it

*Dress: Mocha in Shibuya
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Legwarmers: Tabio
Favorite shoes: some shop in Koenji
Tights: gift from husband (probably also from japan)


  1. It is okay to not be okay. That is life. I'm glad that you are acknowledging how you are feeling and knowing that it is temporary.
    Kuddos. :)

    P.s. Love those leg warmers!


  2. You are ok as long as you feel so. If you feel so, kudos for you! :)

    And kudos for those leg warmers! :)

  3. You're looking mighty cute there.