Friday, March 26, 2010

Can you tell what this is?

Alright, i'll tell you.
This is me NOT wearing boots and NOT freezing!

It would seem that spring is finally here, and it's not gonna go "haha" and turn back into winter anytime soon.
My office is still a little cold at night, but at least i can sit in there during the daytime now.

Fancy shoes, less fancy pants, husbands shirt

Tonight is Conspiracy Game Night and tomorrow...
Well, tomorrow me and Allan are gonna babysit.
Did i mention we're terrible with kids?
Wish me luck!


  1. Sikke noget vrøvl, I er begge naturtalenter. Og kan I SÅ komme i gang med at lave jeres egne! I ville få de mest kreative og smukke børn med stort hår!

  2. Nice shirt by the way! Here spring has come weeks ago and it's getting warmer. I have a bad feeling about that, seems that summer is going to arrive sonner than usual. I hate long summers. And babysit! :)

  3. Helle... ad!

    Me too, babysitting that is, but so far so good.
    They seem to be having fun and they're both in one piece!!

  4. you two are great with kids. well at least with my kid!

  5. Note to self: buy cats?

    Håber ikke I er skræmt fra vid og sans!