Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok, i know it's not just me, because Allan complained about it two seconds ago, but either Blogger or Firefox is acting up today.
Pictures disappear, or don't load, and as it turns out, can't be uploaded either.
So no pictures today.
Actually, not much text either since i'm tired, have a headache and Allan and Eckel are on the way with food.

But i'll show you the thing a was gonna show you tomorrow instead of today.
Yup, i'll do that.

Ps. I just got a mail from Hata.
Our Japanese landlord made a mistake, so we can't get our usual apartment.
Sounds like just another bummer in a series of bummers, but it's actually not.
We're getting a bigger apartment closer to work for the same price as the smaller one.
I'm not getting my hopes up, but maybe, just maybe, our luck is turning.


  1. Blogger er dum i dag!

    Og yay for stor lejlighed til samme pris!

  2. new apartment, new shop! change is good!

    what were you going to show us??