Sunday, March 14, 2010


A few more pictures from the new shop.
Today there's a flea market in our new neighborhood and i plan on adding to our collection of antique crap.
Adding a lot.

Year of the tiger bell from Asakusa, it lives on a shelf in one of our two toilets
Also in that toilet, a customizable toilet paper holder from Tokyu Hands
A few of our antique lampshades

We may have a front room sometime next week.
Or we may not.
I'd like this to happen soon, so the shop can finally be what it's supposed to be.
And also, i'm freezing there!

Ps. Click here to see what we got at the market!


  1. The toilet-paper holder is so funny!!! Your decor skills are really good!:)

  2. very exciting i can't wait to see it all finished.