Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aaaaaaaaahhhh.... (there, now i feel better)

Holy shit, there are so many things are stressing me out these days.
Our wonderful shop isn't going to be finished before we leave for Japan, and we're more than a little bummed about that.
We were looking forward to decorating and maybe even enjoying it for a while before leaving, and now we're gonna have to leave so many things undone.
And Japan, for once, is creeping up on me way too fast.
Usually i can't wait, but because we've been so busy i haven't had any time to prepare like i usually do.
No Japanese studies, no sightseeing research.
No packing and shopping lists!
I wonder if my friends even know i'm coming?
And i also have a tattoo appointment and no idea what to get tattooed.*
Also, our autoclave decided to die on us, and anyone familiar with the cost of these things can probably imagine why it's timing couldn't be worse.
At least we have some friendly neighbors who are willing to help us out tomorrow, but still... shit!
And there are a million other little things too that i won't bore you with, so lets just say it's been a rough couple of months.

I was having a minor meltdown earlier, so i went down to the lakes to feed some ducks.
Not the best time, since i managed to hit jogger-rush hour, but i still managed to have a few nice moments with the birds and the dog.
Nothing like a little nature to slow down time and put things in perspective, right?

This little guy won an epic battle against two other ducks (tail feathers were plucked out!) so he deserved to be fed by hand
You gots some more of that there bread?

There were swans too, but they kept hissing at me even though i was feeding them.
Their punishment?
No pictures on the blog today.
Yeah, that'll teach them.

*That might be one of them good problems, but still, i need to decide on something and quick, this is a real appointment.


  1. Jeg HADER joggere. Og sure svaner. Ingen af dem fortjener brød eller billeder på bloggen!

    Du lavede et indlæg for noget tid siden. Idéer du havde til din næste tatovering. Der endte du med at få din nuttede jeg-hænger-ud-under-en-paddehat-ven. Men hvad med nogen af de idéer der ikke blev, kunne de bruges til din Japan aftale? Og/eller noget Star Trek halløj?

  2. Jeg har jo altid masser af fjollede idéer, men min aftale er med ham der laver Allans ryg, og han har jo en helt anden stil.
    Jeg er nok bare ikke vant til at tænke i de baner, men det begynder at haste lidt!

  3. Ja, hvad er det med de joggere? Også en pest! De skulle have sådan nogle store hamsterhjul de kunne piske rundt i, side om side, uden forhindringer. Svanerne er blevet meget Nørrebro'ske med deres attitude, haha. Godt at du tog dig kærligt af den lille and.

    Og god tur!

  4. ErikSweden/CassadyMarch 27, 2010 at 4:47 AM

    Amalie, let these wise words lead you wisely..

    Art is only the search, its not its final form.

    A mind thats open to everything, yet attached to nothing.

    You must remember to chase and catch your dreams, because if you dont, your imagination will end up in empty spaces.

    Spontaneity comes from an invisible idea, that is there before the creation begins.

    Take Care and long live Conspiracy...