Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gone green

I haven't been that good at remembering to take pictures lately.
Normally i'll document the crap out of any given day, but lately i just suck at it.
I haven't made any wardrobe posts either, even though i have enjoyed being able to dress up (as opposed to wearing this every day) again.
I'll chalk it up to being busy and preoccupied, you know, the usual suspects.

But yesterday i did remember.

As i was leaving the house i ran into an upstairs neighbor who said i looked very spring-y!
(Jacket: TopShop, Dress: Lowrys Farm, Top: Uniqlo, Shoes: Office London, Tights: Urban Outfitters, Necklace by my mom)

I love colored tights
As i was walking Lucifer i discovered something wonderful: the lakes are practically jogger-free Tuesday at 2 pm!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tweetie birds

Fie and Viola brought me an awesome flea market find for my office, when they came by for coffee yesterday.
Embroidered birdies, perfect for the theme i've got going in that room.

All this and cake too!

I've spent most of my day sorting through crap in the storage rooms, and hanging paintings and stuff.
I love working in this shop and even though i know some Tokyo Time will do me good, my heart hurts a little when i think about leaving for so long.
I'm sure i'll get over it as soon as my feet are on Japanese ground, though.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok, i know it's not just me, because Allan complained about it two seconds ago, but either Blogger or Firefox is acting up today.
Pictures disappear, or don't load, and as it turns out, can't be uploaded either.
So no pictures today.
Actually, not much text either since i'm tired, have a headache and Allan and Eckel are on the way with food.

But i'll show you the thing a was gonna show you tomorrow instead of today.
Yup, i'll do that.

Ps. I just got a mail from Hata.
Our Japanese landlord made a mistake, so we can't get our usual apartment.
Sounds like just another bummer in a series of bummers, but it's actually not.
We're getting a bigger apartment closer to work for the same price as the smaller one.
I'm not getting my hopes up, but maybe, just maybe, our luck is turning.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

More house guests

Saturday my cousin and his wife were having a party (for grown ups) and so their offspring came to visit us for a sleepover.
It's kind of a big deal for a four and a six year old to spend the night at a new place with relatives they rarely see, but these two were super cool about it.
Now, i'm not really a kid person (and god knows my husband isn't either) but we love these two and we had a great 24 hours in their company.

There's a good playground close by, and after playing there we went for coffee and hot chocolate across the street
Back at home Allan was working and William drew some whales
We invited my parents over to join us for homemade pizzas
Lots of movies were watched and lots of games were played (pizza and movies? basically a regular Saturday night at our place!)
Kids wake up WAY too early, so Allan and Lucifer took a morning nap
Sunday hangout in PJ's and sleeping bags=awesome

One thing that surprised me was how easily we got them to bed.
They're usually pretty good at making a big fuss about that.
I guess we did trick them a little, but whatever works, right?
And who knew that kids still wanted bedtime stories?
I was unprepared for that, so all i had was the collected fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen, but lucky for me, he worked just fine.

With no tears, no injuries and no "i want my mommy" at any point, i'm inclined to call this sleepover a success!

Ps. After Rasmus picked up the kids, we went to the shop.
Lots had happened since last time, see for yourself.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The good problem

As i may have mentioned before, recently even, i have a tattoo appointment in Japan that i'm very nervous and excited about.
It's a real appointment, with a date and time and money involved, not like the privileged slacker appointments i usually have.
And it's with an artist who usually has a waiting list as long as my husbands, and is very selective with his foreign clients, so i am pretty friggin lucky to have gotten an appointment at all.
Sometimes knowing the right people ain't so bad.

Anyway, i have a problem, and my problem is that i still haven't decided what to get.
Now this is definitely one of those luxury problems, but it's one that bugs me nonetheless.
All of a sudden the appointment is only a few weeks away (like i said earlier, Japan crept up on me this time) and i'm still juggling around three or four ideas, and any one of them could get replaced by a new idea at any moment.

The thing is, i'm probably only gonna get tattooed by Shige this one time, so i feel like it has to be the perfect idea.*
If i choose one idea it means rejecting a billion other ideas, and that worries me.
I usually just go with what feels right or fun, but that doesn't seem to be working for me this time.
Also, i have a feeling that i might be over thinking this one just a tad.

Anyway, i still have a few weeks to search my books, my brains and the internet for the perfect idea, but at least i can take comfort in the fact that everything Shige does is pretty much amazing, so there's no way i can lose.

See for yourself.

(All pictures are from and copyrighted by OUEN Inc.)

*No, i'm not getting my back done.
In that case i'd be scared shitless, not nervous and excited.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Can you tell what this is?

Alright, i'll tell you.
This is me NOT wearing boots and NOT freezing!

It would seem that spring is finally here, and it's not gonna go "haha" and turn back into winter anytime soon.
My office is still a little cold at night, but at least i can sit in there during the daytime now.

Fancy shoes, less fancy pants, husbands shirt

Tonight is Conspiracy Game Night and tomorrow...
Well, tomorrow me and Allan are gonna babysit.
Did i mention we're terrible with kids?
Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aaaaaaaaahhhh.... (there, now i feel better)

Holy shit, there are so many things are stressing me out these days.
Our wonderful shop isn't going to be finished before we leave for Japan, and we're more than a little bummed about that.
We were looking forward to decorating and maybe even enjoying it for a while before leaving, and now we're gonna have to leave so many things undone.
And Japan, for once, is creeping up on me way too fast.
Usually i can't wait, but because we've been so busy i haven't had any time to prepare like i usually do.
No Japanese studies, no sightseeing research.
No packing and shopping lists!
I wonder if my friends even know i'm coming?
And i also have a tattoo appointment and no idea what to get tattooed.*
Also, our autoclave decided to die on us, and anyone familiar with the cost of these things can probably imagine why it's timing couldn't be worse.
At least we have some friendly neighbors who are willing to help us out tomorrow, but still... shit!
And there are a million other little things too that i won't bore you with, so lets just say it's been a rough couple of months.

I was having a minor meltdown earlier, so i went down to the lakes to feed some ducks.
Not the best time, since i managed to hit jogger-rush hour, but i still managed to have a few nice moments with the birds and the dog.
Nothing like a little nature to slow down time and put things in perspective, right?

This little guy won an epic battle against two other ducks (tail feathers were plucked out!) so he deserved to be fed by hand
You gots some more of that there bread?

There were swans too, but they kept hissing at me even though i was feeding them.
Their punishment?
No pictures on the blog today.
Yeah, that'll teach them.

*That might be one of them good problems, but still, i need to decide on something and quick, this is a real appointment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Would it be a bad thing if i wrote nothing here?

I've had myself another busy day of early grandpa visits, a nauseating cab ride and a surprisingly fast bike ride, depressing work stuff, sunshine and visits from sweet friends.
Good and bad, but mostly good.

Best part of my day; when i got four already cheap chairs for the drawing room for the price of three... score!

I've just finished updating the other blog, so i'll keep this one short.
But if you wanna see a picture of my new tattoo, just click here!

Ps. Wanna know why i love Nick?
This is why.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh crap

Sooo... did you check the other blog yet?
I just posted some epic pictures you don't wanna miss.
Allan is transferring more pictures as i write this, but i'll have to post those some other time.

I've had a shitty day, to say the least, full of annoying objects, people, situations... you name it.
I also came home to a fridge that was almost empty, which made dinner less than a culinary experience, and found someone new biting my work online.
Always a bummer.
The world just ain't on Team Me today.

What to do when you're having a bad day? Think about better ones...
Sunday, feeling sick, but happy and in good company

On my way to work i did have a nice moment.
The ice on the lakes finally melted, but there was still some slushy, crystal like ice left near the bridge.
It was sunny, but windy, and when the wind moved the ice, it sounded like thousands of little crystal chandeliers chiming at the same time.
Pretty wonderful.

It looked alright too, i guess
Up close it wasn't so magical anymore, but that's Copenhagen for ya....

Monday, March 22, 2010


This is what the lakes looked like the other day when the ice started melting
Eerie, right?
And this is what Lucifer looked like 15 minutes earlier when i went inside to order some lunch

No tattoo photos today either.
Even though i have a ton of them.
I just got home, and Allan and Chriss will be back soon with dinner.
Or whatever you wanna call it at this hour.

In short, today has been good, but trying at times.
Taking my grandfather to the doctor was especially rough given the appalling hygiene conditions at the clinic.
But he was in good spirits and that always makes me happy.
However, certain other people, as well as certain inanimate objects, have been getting on my nerves today.
And a client reminding me that i'm going to Japan next week (Next week! When did next week happen!? I'm not ready AT ALL!) almost gave me a stress induced heart attack.
I need time off, and i need to make lists.
In that order.


I am way too tired to blog right now.
But i also had a day that was way too much fun to not blog about.
What to do?
I'm gonna go with "half-assed blog post with links" and go crash on the couch with the guys.

What am i linking to?
To my new tattoo of course!
I know i was supposed to get the USS Enterprise as my first post-surgery tattoo, but that was before i knew Chriss was coming.
So i got this one instead and it is awesome.
And to make it even more awesome, it fills an awkward little spot i've been wanting to do something about for ages.

Ok, more bloggings soon, including a nicer picture of my tattoo.
And possibly some pictures of the tattoos everyone else got today, on the other blog.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello horsey

Me and Lucifer met some enormous dogs on our way to work.
They were having lunch while their human coworkers had a coffee at a nearby café.

Lucifer tried to play it cool, but he was impressed

German day at the shop today.
Tomorrow too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First day of spring

No, really, it was!
A whole day on the good side of zero degrees, and the sun even came out.
I rode my bike without gloves on (on the way to work, not from) and Lucifer went sans doggie coat for the fist time this year.

More days like this, please.

I bought a bunch of organic seeds for all the window boxes i'm gonna put up soon

"Conspiracy Inc.... we make tattoos and carrots"?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You tell me...

Good question, stat-thingie, good question

I went home from work earli(-er) to get some much needed cleaning done around the house, but instead i ended up in bed, trying to warm my frozen feet, and not fall asleep for real.
I'm just drained.
At least i fought the urge to order take out, and instead i made what appears to be some ok-mediocre Indian food.
I'll find out as soon as the rice cooker pops.
Guess i'll have to try that cleaning thing again tomorrow.

Lucky me

Today was such a wonderful day.
Just one of those days where so much good stuff happens, you can't help but stop and appreciate it.

Here's a few reasons why today was an awesome day.

The weather was pretty.
Still cold, but at least pretty.

Scandinavia, we have the bluest skies (and the cutest dogs)

My husband is awesome, and i love that we can ride our bikes together to work and spend the whole day being around each other. Makes me feel lucky.

I texted back and forth with Nick for a while, and that's always nice.

We're finally beginning to see the light at the end of the construction tunnel at the shop.
Our carpenter/plumber installed a fancy new sink, and we painted some more doors, decorated and... well, the usual stuff, and it's looking good.

Sensor operated, what up!?
Lucifer found a nice spot on a broken chair in the drawing room (note to self: paint those walls again and fix chair tomorrow)

I had my (hopefully) last checkup at the hospital today, and while i'm still bothered by surgery related issues, it's nowhere near as bad as it has been.
And the doctor was nice.

My parents came by today which was awesome cause i haven't seen them in a while.
They brought a table for the kitchen, one that's pretty special to me.
It's the table that was in the kitchen of our old house, the house i grew up in, and i must have eaten 90% of my meals at that table growing up.
They stayed for coffee, and i gave my dad a tour of the creepy basement.
He enjoys stuff like that.
And my mom brought us a beautiful animal skull she found walking in the forest the other day.
Eckel is now in charge of cleaning it up, since he's (oddly enough) our resident expert on dead animals.

Good job, mom
My awesome parents enjoying some quality coffee and Café de Conspiracy

Burger night!
We ordered fancy burgers (they even have vegan burgers, who knew?) from Halifax and ate them at the new kitchen table.
I have no pictures, i was too busy eating.
Our shop is the best.

I found a really fucking nice coffee table for the front room, for super cheap.
Like, half of what they usually cost.
If i didn't need it here so much i'd take it home!

Yep, just what i've been looking for

More days like this, please.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A good hair day

Yesterday was a big day for Amalie's head.
First i took it to the hairdresser, where it got a new haircut, and later i colored that hair at home.
Yup, a big day.

The hair appointment went great.
My appointment wasn't with my regular girl, but the new girl was really nice and totally up for doing something silly.
So in the end i got the short hair i really wanted, while keeping it long enough to shield my scar from the sun (the real reason i couldn't go super short).
How is that possible, you ask?
I'll show you!

From the front
And whoa, from the sides, it's like two haircuts for the price of one!
The color is actually more red than in the picture

I use these natural colors that are really great, but they have to stay in for up to two hours.
And because we got home late and had to eat first, i didn't get the dye out until, like, 2 in the morning.
Which usually wouldn't be a big deal because we're always up that late, but last night i was tired and not really in the mood to sit around with a towel on my head.
But today i'm glad i did it, i feel like a new person!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A future wardrobe post, perhaps

I found an old curtain at the flea market.
It has the most wonderful print, don't you think?
I don't know if there's enough to make a full skirt, but something must be made of it.
The lady who sold it to me told me it was from a bedroom in a house on the island of Samsø.
And from 1976.
Pretty fucking specific!

The trees are a more pale green in real life, so pretty

Sunday, March 14, 2010


A few more pictures from the new shop.
Today there's a flea market in our new neighborhood and i plan on adding to our collection of antique crap.
Adding a lot.

Year of the tiger bell from Asakusa, it lives on a shelf in one of our two toilets
Also in that toilet, a customizable toilet paper holder from Tokyu Hands
A few of our antique lampshades

We may have a front room sometime next week.
Or we may not.
I'd like this to happen soon, so the shop can finally be what it's supposed to be.
And also, i'm freezing there!

Ps. Click here to see what we got at the market!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretty, vicious

Yesterday on my way to work i stopped by the lake (the other lake, new work, remember?) to take a picture of all the swans and ducks hanging around on the still frozen water.
This one guy misread me and assumed i was stopping to feed him.

Copenhagen swans, man, they have such attitude
"Where's my bread at, puny human?"

Sorry dude, i'll bring some next time for sure.

Friday, March 12, 2010


It's been well over a month since my surgery.
I look better, and feel better too, but i'm not ok.
Not yet.
I feel bad when people ask me how i'm doing, because i know they expect me to say "great!", but i'm not.
Not yet.
But i will be, and that's close enough.

A clear sign i'm doing better is this: wanting to wear my normal clothes and not hide inside hoodie dresses and painter pants.
When i was feeling really, really bad, dressing up like i usually do was something i would dream about, but couldn't bring myself to do.
But now i can and i'm pretty grateful for that.

So today i decided not to paint, or do any other messy shop work, and dress up in some colorful tights.
Too bad the weather is still fucking horrible, and our shop is still freezing.
This look would have worked a hell of a lot better without the cold, red nose and constant goose bumps!

All of my clothes are from Japan*, with the possible exception of my American Apparel underpants
In the evening i had to change shoes to heat up the brown ones for the ride home, and warm my poor feet on the heater in the drawing room (yes, the shop really is that cold)
This may look like just a picture of my favorite Acne cardigan (thanks, Christel!), but it's actually a picture of Lucifer trying to stay warm under it

*Dress: Mocha in Shibuya
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Legwarmers: Tabio
Favorite shoes: some shop in Koenji
Tights: gift from husband (probably also from japan)