Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yogurt days

Big-giant-head's log, stardate 0004; we have reached the sofa nebula, pain is stable, but head remains big and giant.

I woke up this morning with a pain that felt like a 1000 toothaches, and i only have regular strength painkillers.
I got up but only to take a immediate two hour nap on the sofa.

After my nap, Helle came back (her and Michael were here yesterday too) and brought a bunch of food i couldn't eat because my mouth won't really open much.
So unfair, right?
I can't even eat myself out of my misery!
But she did bring yogurt, which i can eat, so suck it jaw!
Anyway, we watched Mallrats and had a good time.
I guess life as a hermit ain't so bad as long as the occasional friend comes by and provides good company.
Also, a snuggly dog helps too.

Last night while cuddling with my boy, hoodie dresses are pretty much invented for people who look like me
Michael actually made me one of his (soon to be) world famous coffee cup lamps, such an awesome present (i added the spoon, but that's probably just temporary)


  1. Rigtig god bedring!

    - Camilla

  2. Healing can be the worst part of surgery... but it's only temporary.

    Hope you'll feel better soon.

  3. cute lamp!

    glad you can eat something! Amalie - 1, face - zilch! x

  4. Hope you can start eating fun stuff soon :) Not sure how you feel about homeopathic stuff but there is an herb called Arnica that helps reduce swelling and take away bruises. My Dr gave it to me after I got my nose worked on, it made a HUGE difference in the swelling and the beat up looking face thing. Maybe Allen or one of your friends could find ya some. It super duper works well for after surgery.
    Sending you lots of happy thoughts!!

  5. i have nyquil, but do you want any other pain relieving sort of treats from canada? or some snacks of some sort??