Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Truth telling time

Here we go.
The last three posts here on the blog have been auto posted because i've been in the hospital.
That's what this was all about.
So there.

I haven't wanted to write anything about it until now because:
1) i was raised to think sharing too much about ones illnesses is in poor taste (i still think that, by the way) and
2) i've been scared shitless.

I wouldn't normally be this scared, but this particular surgery had the very real risk of leaving half my face permanently paralyzed, and i've kind of been stuck on that fact.
Trust me, it's hard not to.
The surgery itself went well, considering it was, according to the surgeon, a lot harder than they'd expected.
So i guess i'm pretty lucky.
And i only had to stay there one night before they sent me home, and that's lucky too cause i absolutely hated being there.

But while my stay in the hospital was quick, my recovery is probably gonna take some time.
Right now, one side of my face is twice as large as it normally is and i still can't feel most of it.
Hopefully i'll regain the feeling and start to look normal before too long, but i plan to be a hermit for a while.
I'm not sure what that means for the blog, but since i'm not gonna be doing much of anything, it's bound to be a bit slow around here in the next couple of weeks.
There won't be any wardrobe posts for a while, that's for sure!

Monday night after the surgery, before i started to look like an extra on my beloved Star Trek
My hand, which is now a lovely shade of bruise blue
My sweet husband brought me some flowers
We forgot the flowers at the hospital, but my sweet Martin came by with some new ones later that day
Pretty ones too
Hey, maybe i'll just post pictures of flowers until i'm all better?

I hope this wasn't too weird or personal, i try to keep my real private life private, but concealing something like this, when i'm used to sharing so much, felt strange too.
So, yeah...
Ok, i'm gonna head back to the couch for more Star Trek watching, tea drinking and possibly a nap.
Hope everyone out there is happy and healthy.


  1. Hej Amalie.
    Rigtig god bedring!
    Mange tanker fra Karla og Oberst

  2. Du skal nok blive god igen!
    Glad for det hele gik godt.

  3. De varmeste og kærligste healende tanker til dig fra mig!
    Kram fra Svigermusen

  4. Little pumpkin! I'm glad that you didn't have to stay there long and I hope you recover quickly. Is this the end then? I mean, is everything taken care of, and you don't have to go back now?

    You can still do wardrobe posts, just wear your turban backwards! :)

  5. get well soon missy !!!
    and .. Star Trek always cure !
    ask the Doc Zimmerman !

  6. Krya på dig! Hoppas allt blir bra! På onsdag skall jag göra min backpiece som jag skrev förut =))

    Inlägg me blommster blir bra nu då är såå massa snö ute! / Nina

  7. I wish you a speedy recovery<3

  8. id offer to guest blog for you while im there, but i dont know that i can keep up to the bar you've raised. loads of star trek to come! feel better soon!!

  9. Glad to hear you are healing well... (I missed the first post.) I hope you have a speedy recovery and find fun things to read or watch while you rest up. And I look forward to when you are able to blog regularly again!

    Take care - I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

  10. Positive energy being sent your way! <3

  11. god bedring, masser af gode tanker + positiv energi herfra =)

  12. Wow, I hope you get back to normal rapid-speed, how scary!

  13. aww sweetie, hope you're feeling better. I definitely need to make sure you get cheered up! does cake make faces better? xxx

  14. Sikke en omgang, din stakkel. Jeg er glad for at høre, at det gik godt, og jeg håber, du snart er frisk og fin igen. Sørg nu for at ham manden forkæler dig (men selvfølgelig gør han jo det). Stort kram og gode tanker!

  15. i'll be sending some positive healing vibes your way :)

    Take care!

  16. gosh I have to tell you that when you posted the original post about positive thoughts I thought you might be knocked up, so im not sure which is better, what your dealing with now or being knocked up. Either way, I am really super duper glad your doing better! You better get rested and better because one of these days when my man decides to propose to me, I will need to have you make me a spiffy wedding hat, with lots of pink, glitter and maybe a butterfly :)

    LOVE YOUZ and your fab blog

  17. It is wonderful that you got through it relatively in tact. I hope that the next few weeks are filled with much tea, love and many episodes of geeky television shows.

  18. Postive and healing vibes from Nørrebro to Vesterbro. Get well and get well soon.

  19. Get well soon!
    Best wishes from Cologne/Germany.


  20. awww

    sounds nasty.

    but you're well surrounded, miss

    Take care and get well soon !

  21. warm hugs & get well quickly
    asia (Poland)

  22. I wish you will get well soon!

  23. Hugs and love and flowers.

    Rest well and get well soon.

  24. get well soon, lots of love from malmö.

  25. You guys!
    Thanks so much for all your comments and thoughts, you're all such amazing people!

    And i do think/hope that this the end, and i won't have to go back for anything but a routine checkup.

  26. ..MEN så skulle du alligevel lige sparkes, mens du lå ned. Ondt!

    Godt du er hjemme igen og i bedring!