Sunday, February 14, 2010

These are the voyages

I almost always have so many tattoos already planned in my head, that i never know what the next one is gonna be.
It's a blessing and a curse.
Right now i have one thigh to finish, and i have an appointment to start the other one in March with this nice Japanese dude who tattoos my husband, so i have more than enough projects going on.
Or so you'd think, but there's always something else.
Like this silly spot i have on my left arm that i'd like filled, and the much bigger, less silly spot on my right arm that i wanna get started on.
And then there are the feet and the back and... well, let's just say even though i don't feel like i necessarily have to cover my entire body, i probably won't run out of space or ideas any time soon either.

But i have this one small-ish tattoo that i want to get done as soon as i start to feel better.
Before i explain what or why, i better explain my view on tattoos.
Or my view on my tattoos.
Or one of them cause i obviously have about a million opinions on this topic!
But anyway, for me tattoos mostly just have to be very pretty, maybe a little fun, unique if possible and well made.
If they happen to have some meaning, which almost all of mine just happen to have, well, that's a nice bonus.
But tattoos, most of all, have to represent feeling awesome.
See, i get tattooed when i feel great, both physically and mentally, not when i'm feeling sick or depressed.
So i guess the main reason i'm so excited about getting the next one, is because getting that tattoo will mean i've made it to the other side.
The side where there's no pain and uncertainty and weakness and decease.
And i so desperately wanna be on that side.

So, hopefully the next small-ish, silly tattoo will be this: the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

To some that may seem stupid.*
I have many tattoos that others think are stupid and i'm very much ok with that.
But i'm really serious about this.
I've always loved Star trek TNG, and sci-fi in general, and watching this show always makes me feel better.
When i'm sick in particular, watching Star Trek relaxes me, makes me feel less anxious.
So this past month or so, Star Trek marathons has basically helped me stay sane and for that reason alone it's obvious to me that it deserves a spot on my leg somewhere!
It's either that or a portrait of the bald eagle himself, but that might be overdoing it?


*At least i know Corey won't since she's already rockin' a Trek tattoo!


  1. i dont know capt. picard is pretty awesome. i have an exboyfriend who has a tattoo of the enterprise beaming up pot plants. yep.

  2. Du er sej og sejest.
    Det var bare det!

  3. Sikke en fin post! Det er spændende at høre, hvordan en, der ved en masse om faget, og som selv har en masse tatoveringer, forholder sig til det at blive tatoveret.

    Da jeg fik mine første tatoveringer, var jeg 20, og mit eneste krav var, at de skulle se "seje" ud. Motivet er måske ikke, hvad jeg ville have valgt i dag (en stjerne på hver hofte), men de er stadig skarpe og sorte, og de minder mig stadig om den dag, jeg fik dem lavet.

    Nogle af mine tatoveringer har en meget personlig betydning for mig, men fælles for dem alle er, at de er lavet, mens jeg har været på toppen. Og så er jeg faktisk ret ligeglad med, om mine tatoveringer slasker, når jeg bliver gammel. Alles hud bliver rynket, og mine tatoveringer og mine ar vil altid være der til at minde mig om, hvad jeg har oplevet og været igennem.

    Jeg håber, at du snart kan få lavet din fine Star Trek tatovering, og at du kan se på den og føle dig sej ved tanken om, hvad du er kommet helskindet igennem.

  4. Motiv är en sak, sen står mycket tattueraen för, motivets innehold är viktigt, men det är tattueraren som lägget dit the edge. Jag tycker det låter mysigt. Jag har en höger överarm kvar, sen mage och insidan på låren, underarmarna i framtiden, och jag har hittat tvp riktigt bra fina ställen, haha, min rumpa, en på vardera skinka. jag längtar tills jag törs ta min underarmar.

    Rock n on, dina tankar om tattueringar är perfekta, så går nog alla med tattovirus inom sig.

  5. Yeah do it! :) geek tattoos are the best tattoos!

    (Seems weird leaving you a comment when I saw you a few hours ago! Thanks again xxx)

  6. Alice, that sounds amazing, i can't top that!
    And Picard is the best, he'd just end up taking up a lot of space i think (space, ha!)

    Young, mere dum og dummest, tror jeg nu!

    Anne, 1000 tak, jeg er glad for at du synes det var en interessant rant.
    Jeg kan heller ikke forestille mig at fortryde nogen af dem bare fordi jeg bliver en gammel dame!

    Igl? I know you're with me here!