Sunday, February 21, 2010


From last night.
Trek and ice cream, a combo that will never fail.

Corey doesn't appreciate large amounts of chocolate bits in her ice cream
Allan likes to pretend he's not ridiculously excited about eating three different kinds of ice cream
Lucifer, that poor boy will eat anything, but this time he was only allowed to watch
I'm gonna put way more Cherry Garcia in my portion next time...

Today me, Allan, Corey and her friend Sara, who just arrived yesterday, went to a flea market.
On a sunday.
When we came home we mostly felt like taking a nap, but instead we changed into work clothes and went to the shop to paint.
It's looking good, but i'm still a little panicky about moving in (fuck! shit!) less than a week.
It'll go the way it goes and somehow we'll manage.
Pictures from the shop tomorrow, now it's time for Weeds!


  1. mmmm i miss icecream! stupid no dairy!

    I'm sure everything will be great in the shop!x

  2. Is it strange that we live on opposite sides of the world and know the same people? I met Corey about 5-6 years ago through an old boyfriend. Bizarre!

  3. Hi hi hi, grineren is-indlæg!!!
    Håber shoppen arter sig! Kan man gøre noget for at hjælpe, hvis man er stor som et hus?

  4. oh nice caption i get.. that i dont like chocolate bits... geeeez! tough crowd!!! =P

  5. Jessica, that is weird!
    I'm sure we have a bunch of California friends in common too!

    But it's true Corey, and not necessarily a bad thing?

  6. i would help you move if i lived closer! good luck with it!!!