Monday, February 15, 2010

Me, me, me, me and also, me

It would appear that i haven't been featured here, on my own blog, i almost a week.
Which is good, since i have not felt like having my picture taken in a long time.
But yesterday, and today, i decided to ease back into it with a few blurry iPhone shots.

Good old QuadCam
Hipstamatic, my newest camera app, has a terrible name, but is fun to play with (i still look rough, i know)
Another Hipstamatic shot

I went to the hospital for a checkup today, and i think it went pretty well.
Tests came back ok and the scar is, according to Allan, looking minimal.
I have another checkup in a little over three weeks, and hopefully by that time i'll be back to pain-free eating and normal facial expressions.
*Giving myself hi-five*

Also in the news, my friend Blaine from LA is in town and dropped by last night.
He just arrived on friday and i hadn't seen him, and it just felt so random to have a friend from that far away drop by for a quick sunday night visit.
I seem to be getting more international visitors than Danish ones these days.
Or any day.
Danes are just so damn socially awkward.
Unless there's beer involved, of course.


  1. Hey

    spirits high !

    You seem well on track

    Takes care


  2. Hey mayn, jeg dropper da forbi! Men okay, så drikker jeg selvfølgelig også alle dine øl!

    Du ser vildt ung ud på det der histalalala billede! Pwetty! Altså ikke fordi du ser gammel ud nu. Ung er måske også et forkert ord. Hmm, du ved hvad jeg mener!

    Godt dit tjek up gik fint!

  3. Thanks Joseph:)

    Hellemus, du er på dybt vand her!

  4. No no, you still look so adorable.

    Also, I will be one of your random international visitors one day. I gotta make sure of that one.

  5. You can start by visiting me in Tokyo in april?