Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cautiously optimistic

No big "whoopteedoo-i'm-home!" post this time around.
Nope, i'm gonna jinx myself.
But i am home, i have been for a couple of days and i'm very happy to be here.

I took a cab home on sunday.
I was alone, except for an uninvited co-passenger: a nasty-ass cold.
It's seriously the worst i've had in years and it's timing couldn't really have been worse.
Corey came late sunday night, and i'm afraid i haven't been the most entertaining host ever.
Or even a decent one.
The most exciting place i've taken her so far is the pharmacy.
I'm lucky she's a huge Star Trek nerd too, and has a similar cold, or this visit would already be a complete disaster!

The colds seems better today, not much, but there's definitely less sneezing and coughing going on.
As for me and the rest of my situation... it's still very uncomfortable.
But my head is less giant, eating is getting much less painful and the parts of my face that were completely paralyzed seem to be slowly getting back some feeling, and i am so fucking grateful for that.

Obviously i haven't taken many pictures recently, but here's a few from the last couple of days.

Delicious 80's food
Saturday night Allan took Lucifer to the hospital and the three of us went for a walk before bed time. It had snowed a lot and the mood was kinda magical, or maybe it just felt like that because i missed them both so much?
A sketch i started in the hospital, cats make everyone feel better right?
Allan washed my hair this morning, and that made me look and feel almost human (but no, smiling is not an option)

I'm taking one more day of complete rest and then tomorrow, if i feel ok, i think i'm gonna pop by the shop for a quick visit.
I miss my second home.


  1. youve been a super host! what much else can you do with a guest who sleeps all day?? crazy time zones..

    keep your faith in the 24 hour miracle cure! though im pretty sure we are closing in on 24 hours now....

  2. Yaaa, welcome home! Love the cat sketch, i would like to see more drawings, you got a talent at that to!

  3. Øvvvvv for en omgang, altså! Jeg krydser fingre for, at du snart er HELT frisk igen.

    Sikke en syg omgang sne, I har fået. Det er sådan nogle billeder, man skulle vise frem herovre, hver gang de klynker over 2 centimeter... Pjok! :)

  4. Og super fin kattetegning, i øvrigt. Jeg er helt vild med blondekraven!

  5. Hope you get better soon!

    The cat returns always makes staying at home better for me!


  6. YEA!! So glad to see you home and better, or better'ish :) you were missed and worried about. The snow picture is magical and makes me super happy...happy im not there in the snow...hehehehehe

    Loved the cat picture :) Reminds me of being young and living in Danmark...in a happy good way

  7. the cat is so cute!

    glad you're on the mend xxx

  8. Time brings all solutions

    take care and heal soon !



  9. Amalie, I haven't checked in in a while, so Sid and I are just learning of your surgery. We are praying for you, sweet friend. I love your cat sketch and I'm looking forward to seeing your smile again.

  10. Hey Amalie, det lyder som noget af en omgang, du er ude i. Jeg sender en masse positiv energi i din retning. Op med næbet og god bedring!