Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday with Joss and Eliza

Ok, i'm officially IN LOVE with Dollhouse.
And on friday they're airing the last episode ever.
Two seasons is way too short for a series this complex and constantly evolving.
It's sad, really.
The first season was good, great even, but the second is truly mind-blowing, and i can only assume it would have gotten better with time.
I just hope Joss' next project will be as awesome as this.
And if that next project contains slightly more Slayer-speak, that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing...

Come back soon you guys...


  1. I'm still watching season one and I'm already sad its been cancelled :(

    boo hiss x

  2. really? i never even made it through the first i missing something?
    i love joss. love buffy. love angel. love dr horrible.
    not feeling dollhouse.
    and i want to. i do.

  3. You gotta give it time Alice, and try to finish the first season and see if it doesn't at least make you curious.
    It's very different from his other shows, much more pure sci-fi, in my opinion.
    Second season is full of twists and i love that!

  4. Thanks for keeping us lesser Whedon geeks up to date. Does he have any new projects in the pipeline?