Saturday, January 23, 2010

People who need people

First a dentist appointment, then hanging with the ladies and a charity event.
Well, more like a charity happening.
An unusually eventful day for me, in any case.

Fie and Helle came by the shop and picked me up, and together we walked down to city hall where some good hearted people had decided to give a helping hand, in the form of clothes and sleeping bags, to the city's many homeless people.
The deal with the event was to just bring whatever clothes people could find in their closets and basements, and bring drop it off downtown.
Pretty easy, if you ask me.
It's has been, and still is, colder here this winter than it has been in many years, but we should seriously consider doing this every year.
People in this city aren't as mean and selfish as i sometimes make them out to be, it's just that we rarely get a chance to show each other our good sides.
Days like today would be beneficial to all of us, not just those who sleep outdoors.

I only had about 15 minutes this morning to find some clothes, but i could have brought at least twice as much.
But i also had to carry it on my bike, so i had to stop at one big bag with hoodies and sweaters.
Fie and Helle had found a whole bunch of clothes in their closets, and it appeared that everyone else there had too, so i think the project was a success.

Before mentioned ladies and one confused dog
If you see one of these guys walking down Istedgade wearing a hoodie with some hardcore band's logo on it, chances are it came from my basement
Afterwards we decided to get some take away coffee, but we quickly realized that we were going in different directions... so we ended up talking for an hour in the freezing cold, something that didn't please Lucifer, or my toes for that matter
When i came back to the shop, this... thing was there waiting for me

Hope that last image doesn't cause too many nightmares.
It's just an innocent Pony.


  1. :D I thought your post was going to be "Barbra Streisand Funny Girl" related...I'm such a dork for old Streisand movies and songs ! But definately charity is much better!

  2. Aw, Lucifer is such a little bundle!

    The horse head is a bit terrifying. Maybe you should sew a secret horn to its head :)

  3. A Streisand post wouldn't have been all bad!

    Hmm, they'd have to change their name to "white unicorn" but that might work in their favor, everyone likes a unicorn!