Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party people

Hi there, people of the future!
I trust that everyone had a safe and happy new year?

Ours was pretty much a success.
We had a lovely dinner at home, just the two of us, and then we went to a party where we managed to get a bit drunk, but were still able to walk home.
Lucifer was home alone for about 5 hours that night, but he was a total champ and not too scared of the fireworks.
He did eat part of Allans slippers, but they totally had it coming.

The fancy tablecloth
Look away, gentle vegans, this ain't tofu
Stirring the salad dressing
Improvised appetizers: my moms homemade bread and liver paté
Since we were dining alone we didn't have to pretend to enjoy red wine, so i had some apple/cranberry cider instead
Green beans fried with olive oil and garlic
Cream potatoes, salad, roast and beans
Dessert was pretty simple: burnt figs with vanilla ice cream
And instant coffee
After dinner we had a little photo session
I managed to find a dress in my closet that i've never worn before, how about that!
I guess i just never had an occasion?
(Hat: Homemade, Dress: Vintage from eBay, Stockings: Japan, Shoes: TopShop)

The party we went to had a no-shoes policy, so i could have just worn winter boots instead (i totally had a Sex & the City moment when we got there, except of course for the fact that those shoes aren't Manolos and nobody even tried to steal them)
We found this in the fridge, i think it's been there since last year

We left home around 11.30.
Of course i'd gotten a really bad stomach cramp from all the food, so i really just felt like staying home, but i wanted to jump into the new year with Martin like we usually do, so we had to go.
Luckily the party was just down the street, which was very convenient.
We knew just two people at there, Martin and Christel, but we ended up having a good time anyway.

Christel with her fancy new black hair and new camera
I don't care much for fireworks, but i do love sparklers
My boys
Allan pulled a "Martin"*
There were many blurry group photos like this one
Marie and Christel, the hostesses of the party
Allan found a fancy hat too!
You probably can't tell, but i'm doing the crib walk in this picture... this is why i don't drink that often!
Everyone was happy and dancing until Christel decided to show me what happens to her friends when she puts on Pearl Jam...
The floor was empty in seconds, it was hilarious!
One final shot of Allan looking extra fancy!

The hangover yesterday wasn't too bad, but we camped out on the sofa all day anyway.
We watched Star Trek NG, played Left 4 Dead 2, took naps and ate junk food.
Today has been pretty mellow too.
The perfect way to start a new decade if you ask me!

What did you guys end up doing?

*Having three or more drinks at once


  1. your mom's homemade bread looks like it is moustache shaped!
    Happy 2010, glad you had a good new years eve.

  2. I watched Amelie in bed :) Good times!

    You look so pretty and all the food looks so fancy!

    It looks like a great time was had my all!

    You, Corey and me should all totally get drunk in Milano! :) x

  3. Worked 4pm - 1:30 am.
    If I will extend my stay and be an au pair for a second year when my year is over in August? No!

  4. Du ligner som sædvanlig en million! Men jeg vil sige, at du får kamp til stregen af Allan på det sidste billede!

  5. That dress! It's such a perfect New Year's Eve dress. And I love your hat! Which one is it?

    My husband and I were in bed by 11PM because I thought I had to work early the next morning, but it turned out I had the day off, so mine was nothing to write home about. Valentine's Day, that's the fun one for us (because it's also Graham's birthday)!

  6. Flotteste kjole!

    Men hvad er egentlig meningen med det der sko-politik (går ud fra det er ingen-hæle-på-mit-gulv-finten)? Har også været ude for det et par gange, og det er bare ikke okay!

    PS: ordet jeg skal skrive for at få lov at poste min kommentar, er "fingsten". Sejt ord.

  7. didnt do anything crazy, just kept it pretty mellow with some new friends. but yesterday was still a couch day too! today may even be, just because i can...

    i do need to acquire some junk food however...

  8. Sikke en flot kjole, hvor så du fin ud!

    Vores aften var meget stille og rolig, jeg havde lavet tonsvis af mad, så vi åd os halvt fordærvede. Der var ikke nogen af os, der overhovedet gad og se fyrværkeri, men jeg havde selv bagt kransekage, så et eller andet festligt skulle vi jo lave. Så vi endte med at gå en hurtig tur, tvinge et stykke kransekage og et glas champagne indenbords, hvorefter vi faldt i søvn til et afsnit af Klovn klokken halv 2. Rock n roll!

  9. Happy new year miss Amalie!! :)

    Your dress is amazing!

  10. Yay - vi havde det så sjovt, havde i min champagne (også meget andet) rus lige glemt Pearl Jam finten - Hilarious! Det var godt i kom, og jeg håber i havde en sjov aften - det havde vi i hvert fald!

  11. KatWalk, i'm sure my mom would like you to know that it doesn't usually look like this!

    Sam, we definitely should and probably will!

    Elisabeth, that's rough...

    Helle, enig, han er sgu en flot fyr!

    Coralene, thanks! The hat is the one i made for London with the bird nest.
    I hope you'll have a fancy Valentines day then!

    Fie, tak, jeg kan heller ikke fatte at den ikke har været ude af skabet før nu... jeg fester ikke nok!
    Jeg ved heller ikke hvad dealen er, folk er nok bare meget glade for deres gulve?
    Det værste var ikke engang at jeg blev reduceret til den dværg jeg egentlig er, det værste var at have våde tæer hele natten.

    Corey, junk food is required no matter how you spent your new years.

    Anne, dit vilddyr!!

    Skin & Bones, thanks so much, hope you had a great night too!

    Christel, det var så grineren!
    Vi er super glade for at vi måtte crashe jeres fest, det var så hyggeligt.
    Jeg spiste forresten tærten i går, dog ikke med creme fraiche, for det kunne vi ikke skaffe, men den var også god med vanille is!

  12. LOVE your frock! The food looks great too. I especially like how the bread came out sliced.

  13. Hey

    your outfit is super super cute

    happy new year to you both !

    The best is yet to come