Sunday, January 3, 2010

I wish...

... that i was in japan right now.
Sometimes it pains me to think of all the limited crap i'm missing by not being there all year.


  1. my sister in law is Japanese. For a while her and my brother lived there (they got married there too) and I heard about so much cool stuff they did, it made me so jealous. I wish I could have seen it all for myself, so I kinda feel our pain right now

  2. my sister is hoping to go to japan in a few months and I wanna goooo!

    I could spend a fortune on kawaii crap! :) x

  3. I meant your not our! Damn typos.

  4. Holy shit. I was at Dean & Deluca for an hour yesterday while waiting for my film to get developed without any reading material, literally staring at air in front of me. I could have chosen Doutor to do that with Cheb instead. But somehow I never go to Doutor...