Thursday, January 28, 2010


This morning we went downstairs to the gallery to claim our new shop sofa.
It's now lounging in our livingroom, until there's room for it at the new shop.
I've spent almost two hours trying to clean the damn thing (after first removing fur and loose threads from the exhibition, and vacuuming it) but it's not really working.
Tomorrow i'm gonna buy some more stain remover, possibly the kind you have to wear a mask to use.

Hello there friend!
What it looked like before, no after picture required cause it's pretty much the same now

The weather today is gorgeous and even though i don't have to work for another few hours, i think i'm gonna head out now.

Ps. Our other houseguest arrives in 10 days!


  1. Vanish anti-oxi spray.. Fjerner ALT!!!

  2. is it comfortable enough to sleep on it ? it looks a little bit short ! hmmm .. !

  3. Hvad med sådan en fætter her.. det har jeg overvejet til vores røde flyder m. babymos på..

  4. Det må være det næste skridt hvis Christels mirakel middel ikke virker!
    Min egen sofa kunne hvis også godt trænge...

    Igl, you can totally fit on that, who needs to stretch their legs anyway?

  5. other houseguest! im second to an old sofa! well i never!! =P

    ps i definitely need to stretch my legs.

    See you sooooooooon!!!

  6. I like the sofa! It has a cute little shape. Have you ever done any reupholstering? I've read several tutorials about it and it looks like it would be easy, but I guess that's the point of a tutorial... the job itself sounds difficult. Have you chosen all of your colors and everything for the shop yet?

  7. Nah, my mom reupholstered a chair once and it looked like a lot of work.
    not for me!
    Plus, i like this fabric a lot.
    We've pretty much chosen colors for all rooms, but a few, and our paint pusher has ordered most i think.
    The room this sofa is gonna be in is gonna be hunter green!