Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going green

A while ago (actually a long time ago, i think) i got tagged to do this photo post by Sam.
Usually i either forget or ignore these tag thingies.
Not that they're not fun, i just tend to over think them, and then i postpone them, and eventually i completely forget that i was supposed to do them.
And also, i guess they remind me a little too much of chain mail, something i am a proud and lifelong breaker of.
This is one of those i started working on, but just forgot to post.

So here it is, "7 things Green Things From My Bedroom" that turned into "About 10 Green Things From All Over My Apartment":

Painting by my grandfather, work room
Favorite green colored thread, work room
Scarf from my grandmother, entrance
Toiletry kit, bathroom
Laundry basket, all over the place, but currently kitchen
Day of the dead skull, a gift from friends, living room
Old beer case that now houses my vinyl, living room
Chiyogami from Yokohama, bedroom
Little wooden frog my mom once gave me, living room
Kleenex cover with little Dala horses from Japan, bedroom


  1. Det er indeed rigtigt hvad de siger: grønt er godt for øjet!

  2. Prøv selv, jeg vil vædde med at du har masser af fine grønne sager!
    Vent... kom jeg lige til at tagge dig?

  3. looks like fun! i wonder if i could even find 7 green things in my house..mine would be like: here's some green dental floss...

  4. Jeg synes vi skal bytte grønne ting på fredag!