I woke up at 7 this morning with a massive toothache.
Wisdom toothache no less.
I don't get it, yesterday there was nothing and today, pain and swollen gums.
And my dentist appointment was completely unrelated to this area.
It could not come at a worse time and honestly, i'm starting to feel just a little sorry for myself.
At least we have the day off, so i can relax, drink lots of chamomile tea and take care of myself.

Toilet flowers are turning out to be the best idea ever, if you don't have a hyacinth in your bathroom already, go buy one now!
I built a new step, that quickly turned into a bed, for Lucifer today and he's been lying there since i put it up, so i guess it's approved
He pretty much owns that corner of the livingroom now... who am i kidding, the whole apartment is his!

I also started a new hat project.
In fact i've been working on it in my head since japan, but today i took another big step towards actually making it happen.
It's not one piece, but a whole collection of pieces with a common theme.
I think they're gonna be totally epic, if i can only get them to be like they already are in my head, that is.
Anyway, i look forward to showing them to you!

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