Film part two

When i took these, and the previous, pictures i obviously had no idea what kind of film was in my camera.
That's what happens when you forget to use a camera for about six months after you've loaded it.
It's part of the fun, i guess.
Anyway, it was not the kind of film that responded well to indoor activities.
In fact, the only good pictures were the ones taken on days with lots of sunshine.
So please ignore the extreme grainyness of the first few shots, i just had to include them cause they remind me of good times with the guys.

Brunch time at BBB
Brunch times are good times
Back when the nails were still fancy
Two on a bike, one the way to the movies i think? Yes, i'm wearing a turban hat!
Our street
Not a great picture in any way, but it was a great day in the burning hot sun (oh, the contrast!)
My heatstroke proof head and a very warm dog

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