Thursday, January 14, 2010

En elefant kom marcherende...

I've been getting tattooed all day.
It hurt.

My comfy clothes (hoodie is essential) and stencil
(Dress and Socks: American Apparel)

Lucifer was so bored, but he behaved... just look at those sad puppy eyes
My view until i got restless and had to sit up for the last hour

About the result, it's all lines (but oh, so many lines), so i won't post a complete picture just yet.
I've been talking about getting this for well over a year now, so i can wait to post until it's done.
But it's looking very pretty!
I did post a sneak peak on my Twitter earlier, so maybe you should go follow me there too?
Get the subtle hint?
I think you do.


  1. Yay for getting tattooed! Can't wait for completed pics! :)

  2. Awesome. I found my thigh to be a horrid spot. So you are hardcore haha. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  3. super!
    cannot wait to see it all finished...
    by the way you look sooo adorable in your comfy clothes ♥

  4. It's so pretty! And massive, you little trooper. I'm glad you finally had a bit of time to get something yourself!

  5. wow its so pretty! cant wait to see it finished!

    you deffo are a trooper! thats an epic tattoo! x

  6. Herregud, sådan en lille diskret dametush!
    Du vil dog blive bedt om at strippe ned til knæene senere, så jeg kan se for reals!

  7. i love thigh tattoos but hate hate hate getting my thighs tattooed. you are a trooper! can't wait to see it done

  8. wow, it looks awesome :D cant wait to see when its finished :D

  9. wow - stor og av, glæder mig til at se senere :)

  10. Cant wait to see the finished piece, I'm sure it will be great!! I'm currently at the 'my god it's soooooo itchy!' stage of healing with my new Tattoo from Mr Ripley. So no picking at your line work you hear! :P

  11. Monster Girl- i'm pretty excited to see the final result too!

    Alex- agreed, it wasn't fun at all.

    kirsty- thanks:)

    Coralene- it's big all right, but i am no trooper.
    We have clear rules at our shop, and the trooper title is only given to people who sit for 6+ hours!

    Sam- epic is the word!

    Helle- done!

    tarantella- no trooper, not even tough.
    But i didn't complain and drive my husband crazy and i think i deserve a few points for that!

    Christine- thanks, i love it too!

    christel- selv stor og av elefant!

    MinusAll- i won't, promise!
    Just took a peak at yours and it looks beautiful, Mr. Ripley did an awesome job, as usual!
    And that Lego machine you made for them is just about the coolest geek-present i've ever seen, they must love that!

  12. Haha, yes that was probably the most Geeky gift I have ever given but i'm a super Geek and proud of it! :)