Saturday, January 16, 2010

A day with the ladies

Yesterday while i was setting up for work, Helle, Fie and Viola dropped by for a visit.
I knew Helle was coming, but Fie and Viola were a surprise, and a totally delightful one too.
I often complain, mostly to myself, that i don't really have any friends, but i do actually have a few good ones.
It's just that we don't see each other much in real life, and all that texting and commenting doesn't really count, you know?
If i were to make a New Years resolution, it would be more hanging out with friends in the real world.

We had coffee and talked a bunch.
Christel was there getting tattooed, Martin came by to say hi and later my friend Suzy, who now lives in Berlin, came for a visit, so it was an all around great day for hanging out with awesome people.
Oh, and Christel baked the most delicious white chocolate muffins, but we ate them so fast that i didn't get a picture!

This is Viola, she's kind of a new person and had never met a dog before Lucifer here
Fie, when her face is not blocked by adorable babies
Christel is not actually scared of kids, it just looks that way!
Helle with Viola, checking out a book
And Helle with Lucifer, who was completely worn out from being jealous of babies

It hasn't been that long since i'd seen Helle and Fie, but i swear they both looked different.
Helle is pregnant again and Fie is a new mommy, so that might be it?
They somehow look more mature now, wise even.
I mostly just look tired.

Oh, and Fie gave me an epic t-shirt that she'd accidentally shrunk to an Amalie size.
I tried taking a picture of myself wearing it when i came home late last night, but my mirror is not suited for outfit pictures, and Allan called me in the middle of my session to ask if any vegetarian pizza was ok, so the picture... well, it sucks.

Please excuse the pantie flashing, but i'd just finished unwrapping and washing my leg
Utter epicness!

We ended our day in front of the TV/computer, watching two episodes of Star Trek and two of Dexter.
And now we're almost done with both.


  1. Du er da en værre lille trusseflasher! Sikke en stor tus, respekt!

    Jeg kender godt den der følelse af ikke rigtig at have nogle venner... Men de er der jo, vi har bare så travlt og så forskellige hverdage, at vi ikke ses så tit. Så jeg tror, jeg vil tage dit nytårsforsæt til efterretning og virkelig gøre en aktiv indsats for at være en bedre veninde og tage initiativ til at ses lidt oftere. :)

  2. Og glemte lige at tilføje, at I alle er en flok dejlige damer (eller herre, i Lucifers tilfælde).

  3. Superhygge! Det var dejligt at se dig igen, selv om det var kort. Hils Allan og sig tak for kaffe; han var da bare dagens rednings-barista-mand.

    Lucifer og Viola er begge to meget gode til at lade som ingenting. "Ehm, hej, jeg synes du er vildt spændende, men jeg tør lissom ikke kigge.."

  4. I feel like following up in Danish but can't!

    All these photos make me happy. Happy people happy time. Love your new tattoo and the T shirt!

  5. Bedste dag!! (Bortset fra, at der ikke vankede nogen muffins, ahrem!). Og jeg tror ikke (nu kan jeg jo kun snakke for mig selv), at jeg ser vis ud. Tror du ikke, du forveksler rynker med visdom? Du, til gengæld, så sgu ikke træt ud, men fantastisk som altid! Snart date igen! KYS!

  6. P.s. Elsker trussebilledet og Christels ansigsudtryk!

  7. Did you hear that Michael C. Hall has cancer? I think he's doing ok but I had no idea. Poor Dexter.

    I love Viola's little socks. What a little fashion plate! :) And every single one of your friends that you've ever posted a picture of has beautiful hair. Where is this fancy-hair land! I'm glad that you got to spend time with them. Random visits are the best, especially during the winter months, because they can get so damned gloomy!

  8. wow that tshirt is friggin awesome!

    and I didnt hear about Micheal C Hall having cancer, I just saw Coralene's comment. Now I am sad :( Oh just googled and he's in remission, thats a relief!

    Viola is seriously cute :) x

  9. I don't watch Dexter, cause I watch so many other series... Is there any good reason to add this one to the pile?

    Love your t-shirt and your new tattoo! It looks awesome! And the hair thing, yes, they all have gorgeous hair!!! But I like the black bob, more!!! :p

    However, I have the same 'problem' with friends. In my case, I don't have many friends. Actually I have few friends. One best friend and three others. I am so social but I'm difficult in making friends. Maybe because I'm screwed with this thing many times in the past, maybe because I'm kind of a weirdo... I don't know. Do you?

  10. The latest series of Dexter was brilliant. I wasn't sure at first, but it got so good so quickly and ended on a brilliant note. I didn't know he had cancer either, I shall now go to Coralene for my celebrity gossip from now on! Your friend Christel looks utterly terrified, thats such a funny photo.

  11. that is the sweetest thing.

    brings a smile to my face.


  12. I totally want that shirt, ROCK!!

  13. The Tshirt is great! And the panty flashing allows for a sneak peek at the new tattoo which is huge! Can't wait to get a good look at what you've got going on there!