Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I thought i was gonna be doing this thing tomorrow.
Something i didn't really want, but was excited to get over with.
I moved a bunch of appointments and then i learned that it wasn't gonna happen anyway.
I feel disappointed, but at the same time as if i've been given the gift of a few extra days.

Today is a drawing day, so we're at home, but so far there has been no drawing done by either of us.
We have however been to the coffee place twice, we've visited the gallery downstairs and we've been out shopping for books and music*, sans dog.
Today feels so much like weekend that i asked Allan if we should visit a fleamarket tomorrow, thinking tomorrow would be sunday.

After we'd finished shopping i suddenly got the craving for a pizza slice from Istanbul Pizza.
I haven't eaten there in a few years, but when i was a teenager i'd buy comics at a nearby comic book shop and then go read them at Istanbul while eating pizza slices.
My favorite second hand store was on that street too.
Ah, memories...
The pizza tastes the same by the way, good to know that there are a few things in life you can still count on.

It looks like any other crappy pizza place, but this is one of those places that, to me, is the essence of my city
I had a 36, with extra oregano

*One book, two cd's and a Will Ferrel movie on sale.
For once we just bought what we came for and went home.
I'm feeling rather proud of us.


  1. Mmm, det er sgu også nogle gode pizza slices! Det savner jeg SÅ meget fra København.

  2. Aw fun, I love going back to places like that. Takes you back.

    Is your flea market very big? I wish we had things like that here.

  3. Yae for Istanbul! Var det den med kødboller på?