Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy as a cat burying shit

Today i got a phone call, of the much dreaded variety, and it looks like i might be busy for the next couple of days.
Like, more than usual busy.
Maybe even (gasp) too busy to blog.
And perhaps that's a good thing, since nothing much besides work is happening these days.
Seriously, all the pictures on my memory card are of random construction crap around the new shop, in other words, stuff that's only interesting to me and a few others.
That or frozen lakes.
So exciting, i know.
I think it might be time for me to start blogging about stuff that's not so me-related.

Just to prove my point, here's a picture from the new shop this morning

Yeah, less me-related stuff coming up.


  1. hope you're not gonna be too busy to go to Milan! x

  2. Why would it need to be less you? I love your blog as is. I know sometimes it can feel a little narcissistic (I don't mean you, I mean blogging in general) but honestly, people go into it knowing that they're reading about someone else's life. That's kind of the attraction! Unless you mean that it will include more Lucifer, because every blog could stand to have a little more Lucifer :)

    When do you think you guys will be finished with the new shop? I can't wait to see it (progress pics are awesome), but I'm sorry if it's making you stress!

  3. If we don't do Milan, it'll be because of lack of money, i think.
    But we're still working on it!

    I'm ok with the narcissism of blogging too, so i guess i do mean more Lucifer!
    Or just more random found stuff.
    Just something to post about while my own life is a little... confusing!

    We're hoping to move in the last weekend of february. Or we have to, cause that's when we have to leave the old shop!
    It's gonna be amazing, if everything goes according to plan that is.

  4. Im confused, this is the new shop in Japan? or your moving your shop in Danmark? I know you posted about it before but uhmmm I think I got confused or wasnt paying attention....I tend to listen like this "blah blah blah ME....blah blah ME".

  5. Haha, i tend to do that too sometimes!
    No, it's here in Copenhagen, close to the old shop.
    We're moving cause we need more space and privacy.
    And change.
    I just posted a map on the shop blog if you wanna see where it is: