Friday, January 29, 2010


Both real Copenhagen and tiny model Copenhagen is once again covered in snow, and supposedly it's getting worse tonight

I've had a really friggin long and weird day, and it's far from over.
This next week is gonna be very strange and nerve wrecking.
Maybe i'll post more about it and maybe not.

Anyway, i hope everyone has a great weekend, don't get snowed in like the people of tiny old town Copenhagen, ok!


  1. I'm gonna have to pack some real warm clothes! x

  2. im kind of excited for snow. is that weird?

  3. Sender dig masser af god karma. Hvis du har brug for noget i næste uge, så sig bare til.

  4. Mayor crushed by snowflake !!

    Terrible story !! The good folks of tiny old town Copenhagen will forever remember this Winter marked with tragedy after tragedy !! After the giant bottle landing in the church and the pigeon-zilla incident , this last snow storm is just another headline for the Tiny Old Town Copenhagen Bladet !!

    We can only wish them a better 2010 !!

    Rest in peace Mayor Tiny !!

  5. Håber du er okay Amalie. Kram!