Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bedtime stories

It's almost weekend people, anyone else excited about this?
I've been feeling better today, two trips to the new shop and lots of hanging out with good people does wonders for the mood.
This weekend i am, or was, supposed to get tattooed, but we decided not to really plan anything and just see how it goes.
It's been a hectic week and Allan needs some time off too.
But i am excited about this tattoo, it's been on my list of projects for a long time, and i really, really hope i'll get it soon.

I noticed the other day how much reading crap had piled up on my nightstand and i decided to take a picture of it.
Do you guys have a million different books or magazines by your bed too, or is that just me?

Here's what i've been reading before going to sleep lately:
Japanese magazines: Fudge, Fruits, Cutie, Mori Girl Papier, Kimono-Hime
Catalogs: H&M spring, FOF night school classes in Copenhagen, Tabio sock catalog from Japan
Books: Generation X by Douglas Coupland, Times of Grace (Eckels art book), a Mori Girl fashion & style book, and Stori Telling by (yes) Tori Spelling
Comics: Buffy season Eight

It's amazing how much stuff actually fits on that little shelf
While the camera was on the bed, Allan and Lucifer took a sneaky self portrait

Tomorrow i plan on posting some pictures of our new shop on the Conspiracy blog.
Not that it looks good right now, i just can't wait.
Now that it's finally happening we're getting so excited, and super stressed, about moving.
There's so much to be done, and so many things we need to buy, before moving and the move is happening pretty soon too.
It's a good thing my parents are going on vacation in February and leaving us their car, cause i think we're gonna need it.


  1. haha!
    yes. my reading material is either magazines, retro sci-fi or dodgy romance novels.
    i'll have to take a photo too.

    sleep tight

  2. Har en masse crap stående som jeg ikke har kigget i i årevis. Til gengæld købte vi 4 x Dennis Jürgensen i Netto i går!!

    Får du læst Toris bog?

  3. If you think that's extreme you would die of shock if you saw my book/magazine/comic pile! :)

  4. when is moving day? can i help?!

  5. Hvor er det blæret, at du har et helt katalog kun om sokker!! :D You loves you some socks!

    Og ang weekend? DAMN excited!!!!

    Glæder mig til news om den nye shop!! Sig hvis der er noget jeg kan gøre!!

  6. I have piles of books and magazines next to my bed too.

    Can't wait to see the new shop. Aaand your new tattoo of course.

  7. Japanske magasiner ... det har jeg alligevel aldrig prøvet. Det må blive i 2010 at jeg får købt et sådan. Tak for tippet. Din natlæsning ser inspirerende ud.