Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday snow

Saturdays visit at my grandfathers was a brief one, cause my parents were taking him home for the week and the trip down there was gonna be longer than usual, due to the snow.
Me and Lucifer's walk in the park was a brief one too, we both got cold feet real fast.

Tiny dog, lots of snow
Blue sky, frozen pond
How i can tell Lucifer is done walking
And just so this post has a bit of color, here's my lunch

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Henry

I can't even describe how awful the weather was last night.
It stormed, snowed and was just generally fucking horrible.
And of course that's on the one friday night in a trillion years where we have to be somewhere.

We went to Amager to see Henry Rollins talk for over three hours and it was a joy.
The guys kept saying that he was better last time he was here, but i wasn't there that time, so i just decided they're not right about that.

Awesome poster, we bought a signed copy for the new shop

It's hard to say which part you like the best when someone has just talked at you for three hours nonstop, but he did have this one bit about how resorting to cynicism and sarcasm is taking the easy way out, and how innocence and being curious and naïve is just, well, better, and that really struck a nerve with me.
Lately i've been thinking about how we Danes, or people from Copenhagen in particular, are never really honest about anything and it bugs me a lot.
Everyone uses sarcasm in every other sentence and that way we never really get to know anyone, which means no one can hurt you.
Smart, but safe.
And after a while, pretty annoying too.

You can see it in the way people dress in particular, the fashion here, it's so fucking ironic it sometimes make me sick.
Ironic glasses, ironic 80's shoulder pads, ironic 90's mom jeans and jumpsuits, oh-so ironic tattoos and stupid fucking ironic haircuts.
Not even fine art is serious here.

We Scandinavians are supposed to be so fearless and groundbreaking when it comes to street fashion and trends, but the truth is that we're just cowards.
All the hipsters here look the same, you can only be as unique and as different as the next person, and they all wear clothes they can hide behind, so in case someone should ask them why they're wearing hideous day-glo harem pants, they can always use irony as a shield against potential insults.
It's just too easy.

On a more personal note, i think this might be one of the reasons i'm probably never gonna find a nice shop in this town that'll sell the stuff i make.
My work is too honest.
I make pieces i think are genuinely fun and pretty and sometimes even magical, not things you can pretend you didn't really mean when someone as insecure as you decides to make your head the joke of the party.
As often before, i'm forced to conclude that i was never really meant to be here, in this town.
But whatever, this is home, for better or worse, right?

As if the weather thing wasn't bad enough, we had to take the stupid metro... i hate the metro

We were supposed to go to Martins record release after the show, but since Henry talked for so fucking long, it was over when we were finally out of there.
I hope it went well, that lots of people are gonna buy this record and that they'll have many long and happy nights dancing to it's beats.

Ps. This hat finally arrived in Australia, and it's new owner is very happy with it.
Reaching the end of a long process, and knowing it turned out the way the buyer hoped, always makes me feel great.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Both real Copenhagen and tiny model Copenhagen is once again covered in snow, and supposedly it's getting worse tonight

I've had a really friggin long and weird day, and it's far from over.
This next week is gonna be very strange and nerve wrecking.
Maybe i'll post more about it and maybe not.

Anyway, i hope everyone has a great weekend, don't get snowed in like the people of tiny old town Copenhagen, ok!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meddling me

In his latest post, Allan forgot this guy!


This morning we went downstairs to the gallery to claim our new shop sofa.
It's now lounging in our livingroom, until there's room for it at the new shop.
I've spent almost two hours trying to clean the damn thing (after first removing fur and loose threads from the exhibition, and vacuuming it) but it's not really working.
Tomorrow i'm gonna buy some more stain remover, possibly the kind you have to wear a mask to use.

Hello there friend!
What it looked like before, no after picture required cause it's pretty much the same now

The weather today is gorgeous and even though i don't have to work for another few hours, i think i'm gonna head out now.

Ps. Our other houseguest arrives in 10 days!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Like a fluffy white carpet

I rescheduled grandparent hangout time for saturday, weather got in the way.
It's been snowing so much today, that i had to get off of my bike several times on the way home and walk.

Getting up the stairs went fine, but when it was time to get back down, Lucifer was stuck

We started watching Battlestar Galactica last night.
The two part pilot turned out to be about three hours long, but it was good.
I'm wondering if my current obsession with anything android/cyborg related has to do with the fact that i feel kind of broken, and sometimes wish i could exchange or upgrade my body to a more practical and functional one?
Or maybe it's just cause i'm a sucker for sci-fi, and that's all there is to it.

Family day

Today was "bring-your-kid-to-your-tattoo-session" day at the shop.
It was also sew and listen to Elvis day.
It was a lot of days, actually.

Franny and baby Viola, who's about 4 months old and a very serious little lady
Viola's bunny
I did some hat making after i was done working... say, is that another bunny?
I believe it is!
Today i wore a vintage dress i bought for 100 Yen in Japan years ago, but never wear (until today, that is)

Franny got an Elvis portrait and after she was done Viola's dad took over and got started on his "tribute to the Java Devil" piece.
Family day for reals!
Franny baked us a bread yesterday and we've been eating it for dinner two days in a row now.

Tomorrow i'm having a little family day of my own.
I'm gonna go visit my grandfather for the first time in weeks (the guilt!) and possibly see my parents too when they're coming to town.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Osaka tales

The weather today, although gorgeous, is making me miss summer and spring.
Hell, it's even making me miss fall, and the not-as-cold part of winter.
Snow is pretty and all, but dammit, i am tired of extreme layering just to stay alive!

Speaking of fall, i still have some unpublished Japan pictures left.
I better post them before my next trip to Japan, don't you think?
Here's a few shots from the Osaka part of our Osaka/Kyoto trip.
We went there to work at a truly horrible tattoo event and because of that experience, i hope this will be my last trip to Osaka in a really long time.

View from our hotel, a faux castle
I can't believe i actually dressed up for this thing
Ok, so i'm wearing legwarmers, but this is still kind of dressed up
The event took place at a faux American diner, outside there were posters of the organizer of the event, there was even a tv playing a slide-show with artsy photos of him
It opened at 7 pm and closed at 4 in the morning, seriously, and there were no booths or barriers of any kind
American newspaper clippings adorned the walls
Only it wasn't cool clippings, it was really lame ones like this, because the people who decorated this place obviously had no idea what they said
Allan's client was sweet, she even started crying when Allan gave her a print when he was done with her tattoo
Mukku was mortified at the total lack of proper hygiene and common sense, and so was i
Hata had tons of fun too, as you can see

That may not look like such a bad night to you all, but believe me, it was.
I was feeling like crap that night, and that never helps.
And we didn't really wanna go to this event in the first place.
Having been to a few of these "tattoo events" in the past, we knew what to expect (i was a little disappointed that the event didn't include poledancers this time, but at least cat eared girl was there) and we also knew that this one was possibly going to be a little worse.
We also didn't wanna spend a fortune on the Shinkansen, so you could say we were set against it from the start.

They started out by playing this uhm... i'm gonna assume it was music, for about two hours.
I was, as often before, saved by my earplugs.
Even Allan thought it was extremely loud and hysterical, and that's saying something.
Then people started drinking.
They got very drunk.
At one point this super annoying dude started getting naked right next to me, which i was sort of ok with until kept trying to to a) sit next to me, b) sit on my stuff and finally c) bump into Allan while he was working (something that always turns me into a tiny Danish she-hulk).
So obviously i got into kind of an argument, only not really since he was completely wasted and didn't understand a word i was yelling.
But words were being yelled and gestures were made.
Allan told me later that Rei and Hata were watching me like little meerkats, ready to jump over and save me should the situation get out of control.
They're so cute.

Now, i'm no prude and i've been to my fair share of parties, so drunk people, however annoying, don't bother me that much.
I'm also more than a little used to conventions by now, and i know that they aren't always as clean as they could be.
So when i say that even the most well organized, internationally acclaimed convention can gross me out occasionally, you can imagine what a tiny event full of drunks and skanks, organized by a narcissistic douchebag in leopard trimmed jeans, would do to me.
At a normal convention i'll try not to touch anything, and i sanitize like nobody's business.
But here... i literally couldn't touch anything!
Even accidentally leaning against a wall sent chills down my spine.
I don't wanna get into the disgusting details, but trust me, i had my reasons.

I believe it was three in the morning when we finally made our escape, vowing never to return to Osaka again.
Ok, maybe someday, but not for anymore friggin events.
There were some good things about the Osaka trip though.
Here are a few.

The shinkansen ekiben
The sweet potato Kit Kats... divine
Not staying at the "capsule" floor of the hotel, definitely a good thing
This... seeing this and not having time to eat it was a bit like discovering that unicorns are real, but for some reason you're not allowed to ride them across the rainbow
The really fancy dinner Rei took us out to
The tiny piece of crème brûllée heaven
The monkey construction barriers, awesome
Old school candy stores in sketchy areas, also awesome

That turned out to be a long one, huh?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday with Joss and Eliza

Ok, i'm officially IN LOVE with Dollhouse.
And on friday they're airing the last episode ever.
Two seasons is way too short for a series this complex and constantly evolving.
It's sad, really.
The first season was good, great even, but the second is truly mind-blowing, and i can only assume it would have gotten better with time.
I just hope Joss' next project will be as awesome as this.
And if that next project contains slightly more Slayer-speak, that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing...

Come back soon you guys...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I woke up at 7 this morning with a massive toothache.
Wisdom toothache no less.
I don't get it, yesterday there was nothing and today, pain and swollen gums.
And my dentist appointment was completely unrelated to this area.
It could not come at a worse time and honestly, i'm starting to feel just a little sorry for myself.
At least we have the day off, so i can relax, drink lots of chamomile tea and take care of myself.

Toilet flowers are turning out to be the best idea ever, if you don't have a hyacinth in your bathroom already, go buy one now!
I built a new step, that quickly turned into a bed, for Lucifer today and he's been lying there since i put it up, so i guess it's approved
He pretty much owns that corner of the livingroom now... who am i kidding, the whole apartment is his!

I also started a new hat project.
In fact i've been working on it in my head since japan, but today i took another big step towards actually making it happen.
It's not one piece, but a whole collection of pieces with a common theme.
I think they're gonna be totally epic, if i can only get them to be like they already are in my head, that is.
Anyway, i look forward to showing them to you!

People who need people

First a dentist appointment, then hanging with the ladies and a charity event.
Well, more like a charity happening.
An unusually eventful day for me, in any case.

Fie and Helle came by the shop and picked me up, and together we walked down to city hall where some good hearted people had decided to give a helping hand, in the form of clothes and sleeping bags, to the city's many homeless people.
The deal with the event was to just bring whatever clothes people could find in their closets and basements, and bring drop it off downtown.
Pretty easy, if you ask me.
It's has been, and still is, colder here this winter than it has been in many years, but we should seriously consider doing this every year.
People in this city aren't as mean and selfish as i sometimes make them out to be, it's just that we rarely get a chance to show each other our good sides.
Days like today would be beneficial to all of us, not just those who sleep outdoors.

I only had about 15 minutes this morning to find some clothes, but i could have brought at least twice as much.
But i also had to carry it on my bike, so i had to stop at one big bag with hoodies and sweaters.
Fie and Helle had found a whole bunch of clothes in their closets, and it appeared that everyone else there had too, so i think the project was a success.

Before mentioned ladies and one confused dog
If you see one of these guys walking down Istedgade wearing a hoodie with some hardcore band's logo on it, chances are it came from my basement
Afterwards we decided to get some take away coffee, but we quickly realized that we were going in different directions... so we ended up talking for an hour in the freezing cold, something that didn't please Lucifer, or my toes for that matter
When i came back to the shop, this... thing was there waiting for me

Hope that last image doesn't cause too many nightmares.
It's just an innocent Pony.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life on the Enterprise, i mean, Vesterbro

You know what really sucks?
Insomnia does.
It doesn't come to visit me often, but when it does... dayum.
I lay awake till at least 5 in the morning, and i can barely form a sentence today.

Yesterday i got my bangs cut.*
I wanted to tell my hairdresser to make me look Romulan, but i don't think she would have gotten the reference.
So i just said "really fucking short, please" and when she was done i said "shorter".
I ended up with kind of a reverse Romulan cut and i like it.
It's crazier than usual, and since i can't dye my hair in fun colors or cut it all of, crazy bangs will have to do.
And the shorter i cut it, the longer i can go without needing a new appointment.

This morning (thank you iPhone apps for making my skin appear slightly less terrible than it really is)
And last night
(Cardigan: Lowry's Farm, Tee: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: Vintage: Boots: H&M, Legwarmers: probably from Japan)

I look crap in pictures these days.
Or in general.
Getting older sucks and being as pale as a corpse sucks too.
I'm complaining a lot today, aren't i?

Today at the park, the sun was shining and that's a good thing.
People were sledding and having a good time.
Lucifer found a friend to play with and this other dog, a cute dachshund, kept running in front of kids who were mini snowboarding.
It was fun.

Hello sunshine

Oh, and we're not going to Milan.
Some of you know why, the rest probably will eventually, but for now i'm keeping the details private.

*Smooth transition, huh?
Bear with me, i told you i haven't slept.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Film part two

When i took these, and the previous, pictures i obviously had no idea what kind of film was in my camera.
That's what happens when you forget to use a camera for about six months after you've loaded it.
It's part of the fun, i guess.
Anyway, it was not the kind of film that responded well to indoor activities.
In fact, the only good pictures were the ones taken on days with lots of sunshine.
So please ignore the extreme grainyness of the first few shots, i just had to include them cause they remind me of good times with the guys.

Brunch time at BBB
Brunch times are good times
Back when the nails were still fancy
Two on a bike, one the way to the movies i think? Yes, i'm wearing a turban hat!
Our street
Not a great picture in any way, but it was a great day in the burning hot sun (oh, the contrast!)
My heatstroke proof head and a very warm dog