Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why, oh why must you swoop through the hood like everybody from the hood is up to no good

I've been feeling very angry lately.
I'm angry at the country i was once proud to live in, angry at our government, angry at the opposing parties who do nothing when said government decides to take away some of our most basic rights, angry at the increasingly violent police force, angry at the few idiot activists who don't understand that civil disobedience is more powerful than lightning your own city on fire, and, as the title suggests, angry at the sound of the ghettobirds hovering over my city, flapping their metal wings.

But then something happened.
The snow started falling and all of a sudden i wasn't so angry anymore.
We rode our bikes home really late last night, very slowly i might add, and i told Allan that it's almost impossible for me to be mad at snow.
Rain i'll curse and scream at, but snow... it's just different.

It looks like we might get our first white christmas since '95 and although i''ve yet to be taken over by the christmas spirit, the idea of a white christmas in the country can still get me excited.

Outside the shop, after a very long day
Our bikes were cold
Snow is not easy to take pictures of, at least not with my Powershot, but it was pretty
Cold, wet and tired, but happy

Ps. I can't wait for COP15 to be over.


  1. This is exactly how my town was this past week and I am halfway around the globe :P

  2. Snow is amazing! It seems you got more than we did in our little Nordic country :) But who cares, on Saturday I'm skiing in the Alps, plenty of snow there!

  3. Cykler med et tykt lag sne, er noget af det fineste! Glæder mig også til at få byen tilbage til normalen. Eller normalen er måske så meget sagt, jeg glæder mig til at få byen tilbage.

  4. two more days, right? i've been seeing a lot of footage of your "politi" banging on people. snow looks beautiful, but these pictures are making me feel extra cold in my already cold apartment!

  5. beautiful photos. i'm jealous! all we've got here is rain x

  6. Takker!
    "Swoop" er bare ikke et specielt gangsta ord, er det vel?

  7. snoooow, same story down here in odense.
    me like snow. :)