Sunday, December 27, 2009

What my nails wore for christmas

Snowflake stickers on candy-apple red nails

Today most of my family went home, and we finally got to do some of that relaxing i've been hearing so much about.
Felt good.
We're here for another day, i hope tomorrow will bring some daylight, i kinda miss that.


  1. super duper cute nails :)

    What kind of top coat do you use and how many coats?

    I have been trying to do more fun stuff with my nails BUT when I use stickers or flowers on my nails it seems that I get little bubbles in my top coat, even if I give it lots of time to dry between coats.

    Yours always look so super nice, any suggestions would be really appreciated :)

    Also glad your getting in some nice relaxing time :) I have been doing the same.....even playing the new Wii with the boys in the house....I am a super bowler (got a 233)

  2. love the nails, they look awesome! x