Sunday, December 20, 2009


Oh. My. God.

Last night was supposed to be our (first) shop Christmas-party-dinner-thing.
That didn't happen.
Then it was supposed to be a farewell-to-Nick-sushi-dinner.
That didn't happen either.

I was a little bummed that all our weekend plans was falling through, but that's only because i didn't know what was about to happen instead.

Around 10 Nick came over with pizzas and Allan went out and rented some dvds.
One of them was Twilight, and even though Nick had already seen it, we convinced him to watch it again with us.

It was, without a doubt, one of the worst movies i have ever seen.
Story? Nothing new there.
Script? Completely unoriginal.
Direction? Poor, at best.
Acting? I haven't seen worse in a movie not starring Keanu Reeves.

But somehow it was also one of the most awesome movie experiences i've ever had.
We talked throughout the whole movie, the whole thing was so predictable that it was almost impossible to miss anything anyway, and laughed out loud whenever Bella started stuttering like a moron or when Edward Von Sparklepony (they sparkle, oh joy!) looked like he just jizzed in his pants.
Which is all the time.
It was so much fun!

I'm still having a hard time figuring out how something so awful, starring not that good looking people with so little acting talent, have become such a hit, but part of me is glad that is has.
I can't wait to watch New Moon, although it'll probably have to be in the comfort of my own home, as i'm pretty sure i'd get kicked out of any movie theater for rolling around on the floor, laughing.

They sparkle, for reals!

Ps. Nick, we're gonna miss you buddy!


  1. i really have to agree with you on the whole twilight thing... i never tought it would get any worse- until i saw new moon.
    but hey, i think sometimes you need stuff like that, just to appreciate all the good things even more.

  2. And yet the movies are still better than the books :( I don't know that the movies would have been so popular were it not for the fandom around the books.

  3. Tænk, jeg troede, jeg var den eneste der aldrig havde set de der film (og egentlig heller ikke havde tænkt mig at gøre det). Men jeg er vist ikke gået glip af noget.

  4. Haha I love you Amalie!

    Yay for Twilight bashing! x

  5. So you don't like Twilight.
    Now I like you even more =)

    I started reading the first book, but couldn't even read the half of it.
    And because it was awful I can't bother see any of the movies.
    Twilight = worst fucking shit ever made.

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Edward Von Sparklepony

  7. Hahahaha. I read all of the books for book club (who ever hosts gets to pick the book and these were not my choice!) I'm glad I read them even though they were a little ridiculous. So now I feel some sort of commitment to the series. I just saw "New Moon" and my favorite part is that the actress that plays Bella can't ever cry. You're an actress! Work up some tears! I guess my point is, I have a similar reaction to the Twilight phenomenon as you and I enjoy it because it is terrible. You may want to stick with watching the DVDs at home though. They're just going to get worse, and the fans take it very serious. Hahaha.

  8. "Edward Von Sparklepony"!!!

    That's really cool!!! hahahahahahahahahahhah! I've seen New Moon.. more sparkling there, so.. PREPARE! hahahah :P

  9. I'm glad y'all feel the same way, i was afraid i might be the only one not getting it at all.
    Although i did lose a follower around the same time i posted this one, so maybe i am alienating at least part of my readers... oh well!

    Jessica, i think i will watch it at home, wouldn't wanna get lynched by and angry tween mob.

    Skin & Bones, more sparkling= more awesomeness!!


    Amalie Von Sparklepony

  10. "Acting? I haven't seen worse in a movie not starring Keanu Reeves"
    hahahahahahahaha perfekt