Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Princessinfernos pink picnic

Right before christmas i was in a hat making frenzy.
I was working on a hat for my mom, who wanted something to wear for new years tomorrow, and i was working on a custom item at the same time.

The custom hat was an etsy custom request, my first of that kind.
Very exciting.
The potential buyer was super sweet and gave me some good ideas to work with, but not too many.

I tried a lot of new techniques and fun ideas with this one, and i really hope she'll like it as much as i do.
If not, i just might keep it for myself!
Click here to check it out.

Let me know what you think, i'd love to get some feedback, and don't forget to check out the re-opened (but still slightly empty) etsy store!

Picnic for one
Fluffy peony
A bird and a basket of strawberries
On a real lawn, y'all!
The inside is pretty too
Behind the scenes at Allans photo session
He's quite the expert at taking fascinator pictures!
(All photos by Allan)

Ps. New Years tomorrow... anyone excited?
No? Me neither.
Me and Allan agreed that what we're most excited about is eating the leftovers on January 1st.
But i did find the dress i'm gonna wear, so even if we end up not doing anything, i'm still gonna sparkle!


  1. Som altid perfekt lavet! Jordbærkurven er så fin!! Det er en meget smuk kreation. Og apropos, har du noget i tyrkis/jadegrøn eller lilla agtigt, man måske kunne låne og sporte til en 60 års i januar?

    Og hvis I sidder og keder jer i morgen, så kender I adressen! Vi har både udsigt og xbox! (for vi er også super excited!!). Weeee....

  2. Neeej, hvor er den fin! Jeg vil også på pink picnic!

    Godt nytår, min aften bliver heller ikke så vild. Det er lidt opreklameret, ikke?

  3. Meget opreklameret! (Og tak!)

    Tror ikke lige jeg har noget grønt liggende, men man kan jo altid lave noget!?

    Nick, not THAT sparkly!

  4. This is so lovely!! If I had a new years party I was going to where I was dressing up, I would love to have a little hat like that. :)

  5. wow its so pretty! I really need to get my bum in gear and get one of your hats soon!

    and I sooo dont care about new years, last year i went to bed at 8.30 and cosied up with the cats, and got miffed when the fireworks at midnight woke me up! I'm such an old lady! x

  6. Beautiful! The little basket with starwberries is adorable.

    I never do anything on new year's eve. Usually I go to bed before 12 :S

  7. Love the hat, and love the inside it is so nice that you also put so much detail in something you don't see.
    New years is being spent with the old folks. A happy one to you and Allan

  8. It's not much to be excited over, I just think it's nice to be with my friends. Happy New Year to both you and Allan and Lucifer! XX

  9. I love dressing up but I love it better if I have to go somewhere!! :)

    Happy new year!:)

  10. pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!