Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pepper, ginger, cake

Oh, i finished those other cookies by the way!
The Brunkager and the Gingerbread cookies actually both turned out so good, that i tossed out the Pebernødder from the other day.
They just weren't crunchy enough.
At first i thought it was because they were vegan, but the other cookies are vegan too and they turned out fine, so i'm gonna try to find a new peppernut recipe soon.

Brunkager, i put a little cinnamon sugar on some of them
Happiest cookie tin ever?
Spicy, crunchy, good
The gingerbread cookie dough was so hard to work with, so i was a little worried about how they would turn out
I made some icing too, it was more pastel than christmas colors, but still fun
The gingerbread cookies are super sweet, but the fresh ginger leaves a nice, spicy aftertaste

I could only find the star cookie cutters, and it took me forever to find one last cookie tin.
Allan and me talked about it and either people in this city don't bake, or those who do bake already have all the baking accessories they need.
If i'd known i was gonna bake this year, i would have bought all of this stuff at Tokyu Hands and 100 Yen shop for sure!


  1. Sverige, siger jeg! De har sindssygt mange kageudstikkere. Og så ligger der en sej køkkenbutik i Pistolstræde, som hedder Kunst & Køkkentøj. Der er alverdens kageaccessories.

    Og her: http://hello-tiger.blogspot.com/2009/11/annorlunda-pepparkaksformar-cool-cookie.html

    PS: Yum!

  2. ooh would you be so kind as to post the recipes please? always on the lookout for nice new vegan cookies! x

  3. Svensk sida, men man kan beställa till Danmark =)
    Jättefina former

  4. i can get loads of baking stuff here dirt cheap, from aprons to cookie cutters to heart shaped spoons blah blah, lemme know if u want me to keep an eye out for anything in particular.

  5. I am with samboy! Please post the recipes!!!

  6. This place is awesome it used to be right by where i work but now it is moved to Rødovre.