Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pepper, cake

I spent most of the day yesterday baking.
The kitchen still stands and my husband is un-poisoned, so i call success!

I was gonna bake three kinds of cookies, but so far i've only finished one kind, the Pebernødder which means "peppernuts" in Danish, if you were wondering.
The Brunkage dough ("browncake", another great name, right?) is in the fridge where it must stay until tonight, or possibly longer.
Too bad, cause i'm really excited to see how those turn out.
I hope i'll have time to make the last cookies, Gingerbread, tonight when we come home from work.*

Back to the peppernuts, they do not taste at all like the store bought ones, but they're pretty good nonetheless.
Spicy and a little soft.
Not too bad for a first try in my opinion.

For Helle, hehe...
Owl apron and my favorite knife, ready to roll!
The dough was to be rolled out and then this happened... oh, like you wouldn't have done the same!
After managing to genuinely shock Allan with my poop dough, i got back to business
They sure look like the real deal
The pretty cookie tin
My first pebernødder!
The beginning of the Brunkage dough
And these babies are now in the fridge, waiting

Maybe there'll be a cookie update later tonight, at the very least there'll be a christmas calendar one (today was good)!

*Yeah, we're at work on a sunday.
Don't ask.


  1. ooh they all look yummy!

    I'm baking too today!

    I however was not witty enough to have thought of the poo dough!x

  2. Jeg er stolt, du kan jo starte et bageri med den fart og finesse du har på! Det ser yummy ud og den blå småkagedåse er SÅ fin!
    Og det billede med forklæde og kniv? BAD ASS!! Don't you mess with da lady baking!
    Tak for potaske (og ikke mindst fake doody), funny stuff!!!

  3. Hey, those are looking good! But that thing looks a little too real, haha!

  4. yum!! i will be your baking guinea pig when i get there!!

    we should skype! i sent you a message back on fb, so check it!

  5. I want to try these!

    Your apron is awesome.

  6. "After managing to genuinely shock Allan with my poop dough, i got back to business"



    And cool cookies, too