Saturday, December 19, 2009

More MEG

I've been getting many complaints (ok, one) about the lack of MEG related posts here on the blog, so i'm gonna do something about that, stat!
If this blog is anything, it's MEG friendly and i wouldn't want it any other way.
I already posted a bit about the show here, but of course there's more.

The show was at Zepp Tokyo which is located in Odaiba, an area i never really bothered visiting before
Red was the theme of the day

As soon as we arrived at the station, people started looking at us funny, not just because we were gaijin, but because we were gaijin dressed in red and obviously going to the MEG show.
I'm pretty sure we were the only gaijin at the show too, and although Japanese people are usually too polite to stare, they just couldn't help themselves that day.
A girl from a magazine even came over and did a small interview and took pictures of us, so come February we may have our mugs in something other than a tattoo magazine for once.

Ok, you can't really blame them for staring...
We were pretty darn red
Outside Zepp

We had the worst tickets, but ended up with the best seats (well, not actually seats, but the best spot to stand in anyway) in the house.
We stood right behind the photo and sound crew and had the perfect view of the stage, we could even see MEG up close on one of their monitors.
It was perfect.

We got our free MEG glow sticks at the door

When the show started i almost passed out with joy.
There were lasers and shit, the intro was spectacular.
The fast electro songs were all about the light show, the dancers and the choreography (which was the bomb), and for the slower pop songs there was a 5 piece band to back her up.
She changed her outfit three times and all outfits were beyond adorable.

You're not really allowed to take pictures and i respected that... mostly
Obviously filming is against the rules too...

I don't think i've ever been to a better or more fun show in my life.
She did a bunch of our favorite songs too, it was so perfect.

The show was filmed by pros, so i'm fairly certain they're gonna make a dvd at some point, but so far i haven't been able to find any footage.
But i did find this live video from 2008, it'll give you an idea of what at MEG show is like.


This video is from Journey, her 2009 mini album, it has a completely different sound than her previous ones and i friggin LOVE it

There's no video for this song yet, but check it out anyway

Ps. Last but not least, check out the MEG Lomo Fisheye, if i didn't already have a Lomo, i'd be all over that sucker.


  1. thats the same model lomo as mine, just mine says lomography instead of meg

    its wonderful you should totally get one! x

  2. I er brandsmarte i rød, og jeg er specielt fan af dine bukser.

  3. She's so great!

    If I had known as a young girl that being a j-pop star could be so fun, as it obviously is for her, I would have had different aspirations, I'm sure. I definitely would have chosen j-pop star over detective, it just might have been tricky talking my parents into relocating to Tokyo. And knowing me I probably would have ended my career to have babies anyway. Oh well, it isn't in the stars for me for me to be so cute, have the best clothes ever, dance so cutely on stage and have a fisheye camera made with my name on it, oh yeah and possess the cutest, teeniest nose ever in human history (although I did give that one a try ;) .

    I still love her hair and love mine all over again after seeing these videos.