Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas (and December 23rd and 24th)

Man, even though it's been super chill in Bisserup since we got here, Leonardo family Christmases mostly are, it's been hard to find time for the ol' blog.

But yesterday was wonderful, we hung out with our family, went for nice walks, ate good food, danced around a tree (yes, we really do that), sang songs no one can remember all the lyrics to, and gave each other lots of presents.
We stayed up late, drinking Irish coffee and listening to old records, just like we do every year.
In other words, a pretty damn awesome christmas.

Today my cousins and the kids arrived, so we have a full house.
Right now i'm blogging between lunch, assembling a Star Wars republic cruiser with the kids and keeping the oven going so my house don't freeze.
This one post has probably taken me about four hours.
Good times!

To wrap up the calendar, December 23rds calendar gift was a lovely dress.
I wore it on christmas eve, with matching tights, this lace shrug and my brown shoes.

Me and a tree
(Shoes: Japan, Dress and tights: Urban Outfitters, Lace shrug: Vintage from Koenji)

December 24th, the calendar ended with Japanese socks, of course
Christmas dinner
More food goodness
Oh, and here's dessert (the traditional cherry sauce was replaced by sauce made of mirabelles from the garden, yum)
Some people have trendy, color coordinated trees with designer ornaments... we have this
This one was a gift from Toshi, he bought it for us in Germany
The hat was a present for my mom (i've been working on it non stop for days) and this is the outfit she plans on wearing it with for new years
My mother in law likes purple, so she got this one (she was even wearing purple last night, lucky me!)
I'd wrapped some snacks for Lucifer, and he a had the best time finding them under the tree

I got some pretty wonderful presents too, but you'll have to wait to see those for a few more days.
Hope all you lovely people had as nice a christmas eve as we did!


  1. Oh, I simply love the hat, sweetest Amalie ... and I'm soooo glad, that nobody bought it, so you could give it to me for Christmas!! c",)

    I'm definitely gonna wear it for New Years Eve!!

    Lots of love and kisses!!

    xxxx ;o)

  2. Det der er SÅ meget vores juleaften. Eller altså ikke lige i år, men ellers!! Godt I hyggede jer!
    Vi krydser for at stikke forbi en af dagene! Det ville være et fint plaster på julesåret!

  3. i love your xmas outfit! its super pretty!

    and your mom is so stylish! x

  4. Oh what a beautiful family, tree and dinner :) Thank you soooo much for sharing it with us!

    I agree with Samboy, your mum is so very stylish.

    Much holiday love to you and your amazing bunch

  5. I love the dress you wore. And it looks perfect with the lace shrug.

    The food looks delicious!

  6. oh that looks so good! makes me wish i was there for xmas instead of feb.. but, must miss those olympics!

    i demand dessert though... DEMAND!

    see you soon soon soon!

  7. Nice dress!

    Is that rice porridge? I've been quite curious about this dessert.

  8. It's rice porridge based, but so much better!
    Here's a very accurate wiki entry on this dessert and it's rituals:

    A Danish person wrote this for sure!

    Ps. I won this year and the prize was Svikmøllen.
    Eerie accurate!

  9. this is the first year for as long as i can remember that i have had no rice pudding. its a crime!!