Monday, December 14, 2009

Julemarked i stalden

This weekend we went to the country to visit my parents and attend their annual christmas market.
My mom had asked me to sell some hats there, so i'd brought almost everything i had lying around, including my own personal hats, just to have a lot to show.
I wasn't expecting to sell anything down there, but i actually did, so that was a nice surprise.

It was really fuckin cold the whole time, but fun nonetheless, and very christmassy!
We had coffee and gløgg to keep us warm, æbleskiver too, and lots of cool stuff to look at (and buy, of course).
My dad, brother, Fie's dad and a neighbor set up a tiny stage and played christmas music while guests ate, drank, shopped and tried to keep warm.
Seriously, it really is winter now.

There is internet down there by the way, but except from the odd Tweet-by-iPhone, we were just too busy to actually use it.
I'm sure you all had a fine weekend without me, right?
I hope so.

First gløgg of the season
My little booth, which was actually pretty big
Allan helped me set up, and at times it felt almost like being at a convention, except he was helping me, not the other way around, and even though it wasn't a big fancy Copenhagen market, not being the sidekick for once was fun (for Allan too, i think)
I shared this little room with my mom and her beautiful silver jewelry
I added the mink skull Tina sent me to my new years hat from last year, it's not for sale, but i brought it anyway
My mom made a hungry little silver bug
A log too pretty to burn made a nice addition to her display
You may not be familiar with our currency, but that there's a good deal!
I wore a brooch my mom made, and she wore one of my headbands

I ended up selling four items on the first day, and none on the second (and kinda slow) day.
The red fascinator was bought by the towns only fisherman as a present to his wife, after she told him that she liked it, but felt that she might be too old to wear it.*
Such a romantic, that Lars Birger!

Hair clip, sold
Another old hair clip, sold
This one is actually pretty cute, for some reason i never put it for sale anywhere... oh well, now it's sold
I'm really happy i sold one proper fascinator, and i'm glad it was this one

I wanted to post some more pictures of the christmas market and the stuff everyone else was selling, but the barn is so dark and that does not make pretty pictures.
Except of course if you use a camera like Allan's, so i'll wait for him to transfer his pictures and then i'll show you some serious Danish Julehygge!

*No, you're never too old to overdress!


  1. Sikke du ligner din mor (som i øvrigt er en virkelig smuk dame).

    Det ser hyggeligt ud med sådan en jule-krea-weekend i familiens skød, glæder mig godt nok også til snart at komme hjem til min mor og hjælpe til med julehandlen i hendes lille butik. :)

  2. Stolt som en mama af dig! Du er så sej!

  3. Ihhhh.... jeg fik en lille klump i halsen der. Det lyder så hyggeligt altså, med irsk kaffe og det hele. Og hurra for Lars Birger, den gamle charmer...:)

  4. Your display is pretty amazing (the ceiling lights!), and so are all your hats and hair clips, esp. the one your mom is wearing and the third one you've sold.


  5. What a cool thing, that market! Live music, great shopping, coffee, hmmm I wonder what glogg is, I have had ableskiver before, yum!! I LOVE your mom's bug!! Wow. Wish I could have beamed myself there and bought the bug.

    I'm glad you're feeling better, by the way. I found myself thinking about you quite a bit after I read that you got sick. I prayed for you, too and then wondered (and worried a little) how you would feel about that. It would never cross my mind to be offended in the least, that you will never pray for me, so hopefully my prayers for you strike you as nothing worse than silly :) i hope that makes sense.

    Love and hugs to you and Allan from us.

  6. awww that is so cute that he bought that for his wife!!! i hope you get to see her rockin it sometime!!

  7. Anne, enig, min mor er sgu flot!

    Helle, taaak!

    Fie, vi savnede dig, men du kan tro jeg guflede æbleskiver på dine vegne!
    Og Lars Birger var helt vildt smooth, det var så sejt!

    Ai, thanks, i only had like 20 minutes to set up before people got there, but i thought it looked nice too.

    Jennifer, i think you would have beamed straight back to California, it was sooo cold there!

    And thanks for thinking of me while i was sick.
    I would never be offended to know that a friend worried about me, or prayed for me for that matter.
    That'd make me kind of an asshole, i think!
    I don't think it's silly either, we both know that we don't have the same beliefs (or non-beliefs in my case) but that doesn't make it any less sweet and considerate in my book.
    You're a good friend!

    Corey, he came by the next day and told me that she'd worn it that night, so i think she likes it.
    It was really awesome when he bought it, you could tell she was really touched and surprised!

  8. It's just some fabric i got in japan last year and still haven't used.
    I was gonna make a skirt, but i'm lazy.
    Which is a good thing, otherwise i couldn't have used it this weekend!

  9. 10 kr for 3 æbleskiver.....det sgu nice price !!

  10. your hats are so beautiful but that photo of your mum with your hat / pin in her hair in front of the house is the most beautiful image...