Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December... ehm... 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th?

I'm a little behind on the calendar updates.
I can't even remember which day i got which present... who cares, they're all awesome!

Purple red (that's what it's called in Japan apparently) tights that i wore today to please my man... i really shouldn't have, it was much too cold
Loves me some Neil Gaiman (my favorites are American Gods and Smoke and Mirrors) and i haven't read this one yet
Red tights, such a nice color this one
Let's knife!!

I haven't finished all of my christmas shopping yet, but almost.
How about you?


  1. Ooooh! I have The Graveyard Book for xmas last year, its so good! :)

    I read American Gods a few months back and loved it, so I'm sure you'll love TGB as well :) x

  2. I've done all my christmas shopping. Thank god! I hate how there are so many people running around the shops at this time of the year.
    But I'm making a lot of my present myself and still need to finish some. I'm actually taking a break from painting something for my dad at the moment. The smell of the paint gives me a headache :/

  3. my sisters come home for christmas every year. one will be arriving on friday and the other monday! i always wait for them to go christmas shopping with because, even though the stores are sickeningly busy, i enjoy because they are with me and we always have such a good time :)

  4. That's quite a good book. I read it by the river this summer, a nice and easy read, perfect for the holidays!

  5. Have you read Neverwhere? Thats my favourite Neil Gaiman, closely followed by American Gods. I love Christmas for the fact its an excuse to wrap up in a big blanket, stay indoors and read lots!

  6. hmm looks like you need to put those captcha things on your blog to avoid those sort of posts...

    i wasnt going to have to do any christmas shopping this year. sad maybe? but i wont see my fam so...
    but now im going to go and see my nephew so i have to get him something.. and ill send cards to my grandmothers...and i did get a little thing for my mom today...

    hmmmmm maybe i have a bit of work to do...

  7. Betty, you're so crafty!
    Only two of mine are homemade, i just haven't had the time this december.

    Amy, Neverwhere is awesome too, so hard to choose with him!

    Corey, just did.
    All the chinese and russian spam was starting to annoy me.