Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th

What a day.
I am completely stuffed with cake and gross food.
So much for staying healthy, huh?
No, i've been good, today was an exception.

This mornings present: a Japanese cat photo book!

This is Gurume (i was gonna translate it myself and then i remembered that i had a Japanese guy in my living room!)
So friggin cute it hurts

Toshi is going home tomorrow and i feel really bad that we didn't get to show him around more.
But it was just a one and a half day visit, and we did have to work.
I hope he had a good stay, even though we didn't do much, and maybe he'll come back and visit longer some other time.


  1. That cat looks so cute! I'm a little jaloux.

  2. that cat book looks funny.
    I'm so impressed by your christmas calendar! Next year I want to do something like that for my boyfriend.

  3. OMG that is some seriously cute cuteness....about to make my head explode from sheer cuteness.

  4. omg i NEED that book for my friend kristin!! show me where i can order such a thing!!!

  5. This book is awesome!!! I adore cats!:)

    And just a quest: When your shop @ Etsy is going to open again? Since I checked out your blog, I'm so crazy about your hats etc and I'd like to see your shop!:) Hope to ship in Greece:p

  6. Thanks for asking!
    It was supposed to be open by now, but i'm going to a christmas market this weekend and bringing everything, so i can't really open just yet.
    And also, i haven't had time to making anything new for a long time, and i really wanna open with something new and fresh too, and not just the stuff i had for sale before.
    But when i open i will ship to Greece for sure!