Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5th

I know, i started eating healthy again and Oreos are definitely not on anyones list of healthy foods...
But it's the weekend and we had a crappy day yesterday, so i'm allowed a few cookies from the not-a-sock-calendar, aren't i?

Mmmm, delicious cookies...

Speaking of cookies, yesterday i bought an antique cookie tin.
And today i bought another one.
They were a little pricey, but they're super pretty and i needed them.
Not for the Oreos, those were a surprise remember?
No, it's because i decided to bake christmas cookies, that's why.
I know, i don't bake and maybe i should have kept it that way, but i felt like trying.
And who knows, it might help me find that christmas spirit thingie i've been hearing so much about.

And orange

Now i'm off to the kitchen, here's hoping i don't somehow burn it down.


  1. beautiful tins!

    The orange is my fave!x

  2. Altså jeg har en regel der hedder søde sager hører sig kun til fredag-søndag. Og det har gjort at jeg virkelig sætter pris på slik og kager når jeg endelig spiser dem:)Og så føles det heller ikke så forbudt, når man gerne må uden dårlig samvittighed.

    - Camilla

  3. Altså da jeg smagte dit bagværk, var det aldeles udsøgt!

  4. Ja hallo, de der fødselsdagscookies var jo fantastiske!

  5. that 1st tin is it. jealous!

  6. yep i love the first one too! and cookies!!

  7. aww how cute tins!:)
    i loooove oreos, just can't resist them!