Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th

He did tell me it wasn't gonna be an all sock calendar!
Todays present wasn't picked randomly from the bag, Allan had ordered it and had to go pick it up at a shop.
It wasn't wrapped cause i was too impatient for that.

It's the Sufjan Stevens christmas album, we're so gonna listen to this every day of December at the shop!
There are actually five (5!) albums and a bunch of goodies, including stickers... i love stickers...

If you're having trouble finding the holiday spirit (like me) i recommend visiting Asthmatic Kitty's christmas website where you can get free christmas ringtones and ornaments, and you can make your own Sufjan Stevens elf e-card (Young, i know you'll wanna try this!)
Pure genius.


  1. Sufjan Stevens Christmas album sounds like a good idea.

  2. What a great christmas calendar!
    I love stickers too. The one with the owl looks cute. And is the lion wearing a santa hat?

  3. so how is the CD? I love alternative christmas type music and am always on the hunt for good mixes. Sufjan Stevens is the person who use to be Cat Stevens, right?

    By the way I am sorry I have been missing :) I missed you tons

  4. yay for gifts!

    you'll have more in the mail soon! :) x

  5. Betty, it sure is!

    Tanya! Look everybody, Tanya's back!
    I haven't heard the CDs yet, we've been listening to MEG all day.
    But if it's anything like his other albums i'm gonna love it.
    Actually Cat Stevens is now Yusuf Islam, so there's no relation (that i know of)!
    Check him out, it's good stuff!

    JEG KOMMER FORBI IMORGEN! MULIGVIS MED HJEMMEVREDNE KLEJNER! JEG HÅBER I ER DER! (det er min indre teen, der bliver lige lidt ekstra energifyldt hver gang Sufjan bliver nævnt... *dåner*)