Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3rd

I asked Allan this morning if this was in fact a sock calendar and he swore that it's not.
Would have been fine by me, but i guess i've just been really lucky up to now!

Todays socks: thigh-highs with a peacock like pattern, so pretty!

Thigh-highs are, in my opinion, perfect for winter.
I hate wearing tights under my pants and it's too cold to not have anything under, so they make for a great compromise.
So i wore my new high socks today under my weird Japan pants.
I don't know why, but i've been looking forward to wearing those pants with a simple American Apparel raglan and my brown shoes ever since i bought them.
So today i did and although it doesn't look like much it was a really nice and comfy winter outfit (glasses are actually clear sunglasses from 100 Yen Shop).

Allan said the camera insisted on only focusing on my boobs... pervs, both of them!
(Pants: Jeanasis, Shoes: Some shop in Koenji, Top: American Apparel)

Today i went to a small, local hobby shop and bought some really fun supplies.
I wanna post pictures of them, and all the stuff i got in Japan, so badly, but then you'll all know what i'm up to and that's no fun.
No, i'm gonna keep my ideas a secret for now, and hopefully i'll have something to show you soon.


  1. oh I love your style today (well actually all the time..hehe)but esp. those weird japanese pants that are more cool than weird!

    you look adorable + the outfit complements your ink..

    enjoy your evening my dear x

  2. Pretty socks and pretty outfit! Looking forward to seeing your project! :D

  3. Du og tøserne are wearing that outfit!!!