Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2nd

This morning in the christmas goodie bag: socks!
My favorite kind (japanese) from another one of my favorite shops.
Yay husband!

After i took this picture Lucifer came up and decided to take a nap on my chest, something he doesn't normally do voluntarily, so friggin cute
Cats and hearts, the best

I've been eating today, so i have way more energy than before, but being at work was still hard.
Don't know why, but the first day back just always is.
There were even client cake, but i couldn't eat any, my stomach isn't ready for that just yet.

Now that we're on the subject of food, i've been thinking a lot about what i eat lately.
More so than i normally do.
Being poisoned by something you ate and loved will do that to you, i guess.
I feel like i'm starting from scratch and that it's somehow an opportunity to change the way i live.
Not that you can't do that at any time, but sometimes you need a good kick in the butt to get started.

At home here in Denmark i usually eat pretty healthy (except for coffee and occasional cake) and as close to 100% organic as i can get, and i'm a lessetarian too (yes, apparently that's a word now, who knew?!)
And in Japan i'll eat... well whatever!
This time i really felt it though, looked it too i think, and indulging just didn't feel as good as it did before.
All the friggin added sugar, salt and chemicals in the food there was really not working for me and it's gotten me thinking about how i wanna live and what i want to put in my body.
I'm not sure what exactly that is yet, i just want to buy less food with a ton of ingredients and more raw, basic food that i prepare myself.
I want really good stuff and i wanna be practical and save money at the same time.
My body feels broken and i wanna help fix it.
Or something.
Buying organic is of course one way to be sure that you don't eat a ton of added chemicals, but much like with organic skincare products, which is all i use, a lot of stuff is allowed that i don't necessarily want inside my system.
But it's about more than control it's... oh man, this is a long, boring rant going nowhere isn't it?

Ok, to wrap this up, i was at the supermarket yesterday and today and i tried to really think about what i bought, where it came from, what was in it and whether i'd be able to use all of it.
Last night i made a huge portion of organic potato/vegetable soup.
We ate some, i froze four portions and used the rest for lunch today.
Today for dinner (which i just ate by myself, poor Allan is still at work) i made a salad with apples and cranberries and other good stuff, plus some fake-meatballs and organic fries i had in the freezer.
Well, we'll see how long it lasts, maybe you'll find me at Burger King eating twister fries by saturday, who knows?

My super vegetable soup lunch (the thermo mug is Allan's, mine smelled like an unholy mix of coffee and peppermint tea)


  1. Oh, that's exactly why I don't eat out much or buy ready-made food, though I could still be doing much better. This post as well as what you were telling me the other day does remind me of that. So thanks & good luck!

  2. Du har den sejeste mand! Altså, så i passer ligesom rimelig godt sammen, ing!

    Mht mad, var kasser fra Årstiderne så ikke en idé? Så slipper man tilmed for at handle ind! Jeg tænker så tit at man burde gøre det, og har også planer om det sammen med sambo, men altså, du ved, så kommer livet lidt i vejen. NÅ, men en af vores venner får det, og han siger det er fantastisk (selvfølgelig er det det, øko råvarer, som følger med årstiderne, det kan da kun være godt!) og så kan man jo tilmed få opskrifter med og sådan. Ak. Jeg burde også bare give mig selv et spark i røven og komme igang med det!
    Altså, bare så længe man også må spise kage.

  3. aww the socks are so cute!

    you'd think being a vegan I'd be super healthy, but no! I eat so much crap that I shouldn't, lets hope it doesnt make me ill! :( x

  4. how did i not guess socks?!? honestly...

  5. lessetarian is a good way to start going vegan.. but I need to search more about it.. I don't eat much meat, maybe 3 or less times a month! But I don't like soy milk or all these stuff..

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog- hello! Its interesting you should write about healthy foods and changing diets. I have changed mine drastically and i feel so much better. Its been 3 years since i stopped drinking soda, eating junk food or anything with scary preservatives and chemicals. I also started taking Goldenseal - trying to detox the poisons from my body and up my immune system. I have found that i think clearer, my skin is 100% better and i have far less stomach/digestive issues and im a lot less moody.
    ...its really strange and sad what mass produced food has done to health.
    Good luck on your healthy living journey!
    great blog.
    -Chelsea Rose

  7. Ai, you're definitely and inspiration.

    Young, jeg har også kigget på årstiderne en milliard gang og tænk "hmmm, måske burde man..." og jo, det burde vi gøre!

    Sam, i don't think i know any healthy vegans!

    Corey, yeah... seriously!

    Skin & Bones, i'm the same way, rarely eat meat and i'm ok with that. I have found some good substitutes though, sesame nuggets and fake meatballs are my favorites! But i don't think i'll ever learn to love soymilk either, ugh.

    Chelsea Rose, hello and welcome!
    Thanks for you input, i have also cut out the bad stuff before, but never permanently.
    But you're right, it makes a huge difference, and i'm glad to hear it's working so well for you.
    I'll keep posting about the dietary stuff once in a while, and hopefully i'll see some improvements in my health soon!