Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18th

Todays calendar surprise was a little something to read during the upcoming christmas holiday.
Did any of you guys read this?
The last book i read was The Lovely Bones, i bought it while we were in Japan and i haven't had time to read anything since.

I am so looking forward to spending a few days in the country.


Today has been interesting.
And also busy and stressful, but mostly interesting.

The interesting part started a few weeks ago when i got a phone call from the hospital, asking if they could use me as a guinea pig for some med students or something and, because i can't say no to people, i agreed
Well, that was today and the thing turned out to be some poor, nervous med students exam and i was his subject.

We were placed in a room where he asked me a bunch of questions about my general health and the medical condition that had brought me there, and looked me in the ears and mouth, that sort of thing.
He was already pretty nervous and even told me that he'd been abroad and actually hadn't studied this particular subject at all.
Tough break.

So, after half an hour i thought i was free to go and wished him good luck with the final test, but it turned out that i was going with him.
So i had to sit there, in a corner, and watch my med student get questioned by a couple of older doctors and it was weird... almost like being in a movie or an episode of Riget or something.
The dude was so nervous, fiddling with his hands and stuttering the whole time, and even though the two doctors tried to help him by asking some very leading questions, it was pretty obvious that it wasn't going too well.
Oh, and at one point my friggin phone started ringing!
Luckily it was set to vibrate, but still, it was hilarious.
I really hated that i couldn't document the whole experience somehow, but some things just aren't meant for the blog.

Anyway, he didn't pass, but at least he could get another chance in February, so it wasn't the end of his world.
And i got to see something i definitely didn't expect to see when i got up this morning!

"Merry Christmas"... aww, thanks giant, soulless building of death and disease


  1. Ja føj, godt man ikke arbejder sådan et sted!

  2. Haha, of death and disease. That made me laugh.

    How awkward though, with the med student! I wish you had sneaky cell phone pictures. Is it that brief, that everything (their decision to let him pass or fail) happens right then and there?